Community of Accountants: A space for connection and learning – Chamber of Commerce of Manizales for Caldas

50 independent accountants from different companies in the city learned about the business strengthening and growth programs that the Manizales Chamber of Commerce for Caldas (CCMPC) has for them. During this networking space, the participants shared their needs and ideas to boost their management.

During the day, conversation activities were held between professionals to create a community that, thanks to their contributions and feedback, proposes new lines of learning and training processes according to their needs.

For the CCMPC, it is important to create a network with accountants and be the best ally in their constant updating and training, thus generating a bridge with organizations to develop strategies that promote business development in the city.

“We are very pleased to welcome more than 50 accountants to the CCMPC. We recognize their work in society and in the business sector and that is why we want to strengthen these relationships, so that you understand more about our chamber, our services. Together, by creating personalized training, we can generate a greater impact on entrepreneurs in the strengthening and growth of the region.” César Augusto Cárdenas Molina, Administrative and Financial Director of the CCMPC.

The training schedule for the accounting community has been fulfilled in accordance with the DIAN’s guidance and with a positive response in the number of attendees; among the topics scheduled are: Personal Income Tax, VAT and Withholding Tax, as well as the Tax Update Diploma.

“This space of the CCMPC has been an opening for the affiliated industries and companies, with the purpose of generating novelty. In recent years we have been seeing a fresher and more innovative chamber of commerce, allowing these spaces of connections to generate greater openness to the economy and various sectors.” Alejandra Jutinico, accountant at the Etex Group.

Accounting professionals who want to join this community can join the WhatsApp group that the CCMPC has created to publicize all the programs and benefits.

More information and registration of counters in the WhatsApp community at the following link:

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