NGOs ask the UN to monitor Venezuela due to the “increase in violations” ahead of the #PresidencialesVe2024

NGOs ask the UN to monitor Venezuela due to the “increase in violations” ahead of the #PresidencialesVe2024
NGOs ask the UN to monitor Venezuela due to the “increase in violations” ahead of the #PresidencialesVe2024

A total of 62 non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Venezuela expressed their concern about the increase in “human rights violations” in the country, less than a month before the presidential elections, and asked the UN to pay special attention to the electoral process.

In a letter addressed to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Volker Türk, the organizations denounced that, just one day after the electoral campaign officially began, during the last six months in the country “we have been able to document different violations of fundamental freedoms and the rights of freedom of association and assembly, peaceful demonstration, as well as expression and information.”

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In this regard, the NGOs asked the UN’s highest representative for the protection of human rights to “monitor, speak out loud and clear, and exhaust all actions within his mandate to support the Venezuelan population in its right” to express through voting the destiny of the country in the coming years in a “peaceful and participatory manner.”

In the document, the organizations highlighted that, according to data from the NGO Laboratory for Peace and Access to Justice, as of July 28, there have been “46 arbitrary arrests of political and social leaders” in Venezuela, adding that of these arrests “82% of the people suffered short-term forced disappearances.”

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Similarly, the NGOs reported that during this period they have recorded “violations of due process, harassment and persecution for political reasons, reprisals and tax sanctions, political disqualifications, violation of the right to freedom of expression and obstruction of free movement.”

“All of the situations described above constitute a clear violation of the obligations voluntarily acquired by the Venezuelan State in the Barbados Agreement, for transparent, free, competitive, and fair elections,” they added.

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