FileMarket, Powered by Filecoin, Launches AI Data Collection Platform for Profit

FileMarket, Powered by Filecoin, Launches AI Data Collection Platform for Profit
FileMarket, Powered by Filecoin, Launches AI Data Collection Platform for Profit
  • Filecoin is driving data integrity for AI modeling through FileMarket.
  • The Filecoin ecosystem is growing, consolidating its pace as the largest decentralized data storage.

FileMarket, a data tokenization protocol powered by Filecoin (FIL) ,recently announced the launch of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) data collection platform for users. According to the announcement, users will be paid to train AI to collect data for the new platform, via the upcoming FileMarket app.

«Get ready for an explosive launch very soon! he pointed the protocol .

FileMarket associates with Telegram and Farcaster

FileMarket platform collaborated with social networks such as Telegram and Farcaster to collect various data sets directly from users.

These can send and collect various data sets, such as audio, photos, text, and others, for specific needs. This data, collected with utmost privacy and transparency, becomes the cornerstone of robust AI models.

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As revealed in his official Web siteFileMarket prioritizes quality during data collection. The platform employs rigorous validation and accurate labeling processes to ensure that the information collected is accurate and effective for training powerful AI models.

Additionally, FileMarket leverages the power of decentralized networks and Web3 technologies to provide a secure and transparent environment for data storage. This approach ensures complete data integrity and puts users in control of their privacy.

Data collected through FileMarket has the potential to transform a variety of industries. In particular, it can be used for navigation systems, urban planning models, biometric identification, VR/AR applications, behavioral analysis models, and smart cameras.

FileMarket is part of a vibrant community within the Filecoin ecosystem, the world’s largest decentralized storage network. This collaborative environment supports innovation and drives progress across multiple industries.

Filecoin Integrations and Advances

FileMarket is just one of several advancements for the Filecoin blockchain. The Filecoin Foundation highlighted the growing community of developers and founders within the ecosystem, with over 580 projects and 8,800 participants.

Reiterating Previous Crypto News Flash ReportsGetBlock announced its support for Filecoin, cementing its position as the leading decentralized data storage system. This support improves the network’s flexibility and functionality, allowing users to host smart contracts on the Filecoin virtual machine.

Filecoin’s latest advancement also includes integration with Basin, a decentralized storage system. Developed by, Basin is the world’s first layer 2 (L2) solution for data on the Filecoin network. It is designed for AI/ML developers, decentralized networks, and decentralized physical infrastructure networks (DePIN).

Basin ensures strong data security and integrity by leveraging a decentralized architecture. This ensures data availability across multiple nodes and reduces the risk of data loss or corruption, such as reported previously Crypto News Flash.

In addition to the integrations with Basin and GetBlock, the Filecoin ecosystem has also collaborated with CIDGravity. With the CIDGravity integration, customers can quickly locate the best storage providers and import data into Filecoin, according to heprevious announcement from Crypto News Flash.

Meanwhile, our data shows that the FIL token has substantially decreased in value over the past week. At press time, FIL was trading at $4.19, demonstrating a decline in value. 4,4% in the last day.

Trading volume, however, rose 17.9% to $114 million, indicating renewed investor sentiment.

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