Prince Harry received this award in the US and caused controversy

Prince Harry received this award in the US and caused controversy
Prince Harry received this award in the US and caused controversy

He Prince Harry is back in the spotlight when in recent days he received recognition in the United States. The Duke of Sussex was nominated for the famous ESPY Awards sports awards, causing divided opinions and massive disapproval on social media.

According to the criteria of

Harry will be awarded the Pat Tillman Awardwhich recognizes an “individual with a strong connection to the sport who has served others in a way that reflects the legacy of Pat Tillman.” The nomination aims to recognise the impact of the Invictus Games, founded by the youngest son of King Charles III.

The first person to question the nomination is the mother of the person the award is named after.a former NFL player killed during the US military’s incursion into Afghanistan. Mary Tillman said to The Daily Mail that she was “surprised” by the choice of “such a controversial and divisive person to receive this award.”

And he added: “There are award winners much more deservingpeople who work in the veteran community and do extraordinary things to help them.” He added that those people, who do not have the money or the privileges of Prince Harry, are those to whom the award is intended.

The former NFL player, whose name inspires the award, fell during an army raid

Photo:IG @PatTillmanFND

Cross-talk on social media after Prince Harry’s nomination for the ESPY Awards

As it was expected, The news quickly spread on social media. following the statement from ESPN, which organizes the awards, assuring that Prince Harry’s achievements with the Invictus Games are sufficient reason so that he can receive the Pat Tillman Award.

Social media users organized a petition for collect signatures on the platform, with the aim of The Prince does not receive the award and not “smear Pat”. The petition has already gathered more than 50,000 supporters.

Beyond this initiative and Many comments questioning Prince Harry and they claimed that their reputation was what caused the rejection of the nomination, too There were users who defended his figure and they stated that he was worthy of this distinction.

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