Environmental Commission concludes work for 24th Legislature

Environmental Commission concludes work for 24th Legislature
Environmental Commission concludes work for 24th Legislature

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Projects approved for the protection of endemic plants, the promotion of climate change studies and the promotion of regenerative agriculture

Deputy Diego Echevarría thanks the deputies for their support in promoting initiatives focused on environmental conservation

MEXICALI.- Members of the Environment and Sustainable Development Committee held a session to analyze and discuss legislative projects aimed at conserving biodiversity and maintaining the health of local ecosystems. With these works, the committee headed by Deputy Diego Echevarría Ibarra was closed.
The legislators present supported the initiative to reform the State Environmental Protection Law, in order to grant the Secretariat of Environment and Sustainable Development the authority to guarantee the protection of native plants in the state, in accordance with the vision of the sponsoring congresswoman Evelyn Sánchez.
Under the same tenor, they submitted for analysis and study the proposal put forward by the deputy Monserrat Murillo, with which she seeks to promote research and study of climate change to minimize the health risks associated with this phenomenon, for this she suggests a regulatory change in the Law of Prevention, Mitigation and Adaptation of Climate Change of the State.
The request of legislator César Adrián González for the Ministry of Agriculture and Agricultural Development to report on programs, support and rights for those involved in agricultural processes was also validated. In addition, deputy Daylín García proposed that the same agency promote regenerative agriculture. Both ideas were consolidated in the same opinion due to their impact on the Law in this area.
During the session, the call from the Congress of the Union was addressed, urging the federal entities to consider reforms in environmental laws to include the objectives and goals of the Montreal-Kumping Global Framework on biological diversity of COP15.
On the other hand, the request of the Congress of the State of Colima was followed up on, which urges local legislatures to legislate on the promotion and development of agroecology in rural and urban environments, the preservation of agrobiodiversity and traditional systems of healthy and sustainable food production, with the aim of achieving food sovereignty.

Deputy Diego Echevarría closes the work and thanks the support to advance with the Commission’s issues during the XXIV Legislature
To formally close the work of the Environment Commission, Deputy Diego Echevarría Ibarra took the opportunity to thank the congressmen and women, the Legislative Consultancy, Social Communication, the media and other interested parties for their joint efforts and the support received during the three years of work in the commission under his charge.
During her tenure at the head of the commission, various legislative projects aimed at preserving biodiversity and promoting sustainable practices in Baja California were addressed. From the discussion of reforms to strengthen environmental laws to the implementation of policies that protect local ecosystems, the commission has played a crucial role in defending the environment in the region.

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