Pedro Rodríguez, new dean of the College of Chemists of the Valencian Community

The General Assembly of the College of Chemists of the Valencian Community has approved the appointment of the Villena native Pedro Rodriguez as Dean of the institution.

Rodríguez sees the legislature as a great challenge, focused, on the one hand, on attracting the new generations of chemists who graduate from Valencian universities and, on the other, on defending the interests of the chemical sector through its professionals, all within the framework of making the institution an entity useful to the whole of society.

In his speech, Rodríguez highlighted the need for a new approach by professional associations that goes beyond the interests of their members to focus on being useful to society as a whole. “The future of these entities lies in being useful to citizens and responding to the challenges posed by today’s complex society, addressing the new challenges facing chemistry today, which mainly involve the impact of artificial intelligence on chemical processes, sustainability and environmental protection.”

“Integrating artificial intelligence into chemistry can revolutionize the way we research and develop new compounds, improving the efficiency and precision of our experiments. AI not only offers new tools for research, but also facilitates innovation in the chemical industry, enabling the development of more advanced materials and safer processes,” said Rodriguez.

She also underlined the College’s commitment to sustainability, emphasising the need to develop chemical processes that minimise environmental impact and promote the use of renewable resources. “It is essential that chemists lead the way towards a more sustainable future by using their knowledge to develop innovative solutions that respect and protect our planet. This includes research into renewable energy, the development of more effective recycling technologies and the creation of chemical products that are less harmful to the environment; chemistry is the most genuine tool for achieving sustainability,” she added.

Rodríguez also addressed the need for the College of Chemists to adapt to the new realities of the work environment. “We want a College that is not only a meeting point for professionals, but also a driving force of innovation and progress for the chemical sector. A College that is in tune with technological and business advances and that offers its members the necessary tools to face current and future challenges,” he said.

In this regard, he stressed the importance of promoting an open and innovative College, which responds to new needs and provides members with all the necessary tools to be able to face the new work environment, be it academic, research, teaching and industry or freelance. “We are committed to being very innovative and planning new alternatives never seen before, all of this combined with the essential ongoing training of graduates, access to advanced resources and the provision of networking opportunities, which allow our members to stay at the forefront of the profession,” concluded Rodríguez.

With this vision, Pedro Rodríguez is committed to leading the College of Chemists into a new era in which it will become essential to society and where innovation, sustainability and support for professionals are fundamental pillars of action. Under his leadership, it is expected that the College will not only become stronger internally, but will also play a crucial role in promoting scientific and technological development in the field of chemistry, benefiting society as a whole.

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