Students of the Master’s in Innovation and Design create a system to optimize decision making in the agricultural sector

Students of the Master’s in Innovation and Design create a system to optimize decision making in the agricultural sector
Students of the Master’s in Innovation and Design create a system to optimize decision making in the agricultural sector

Optimize agricultural management through the use of artificial vision and machine learningis the innovative proposal of Kantum, a degree project developed by the students of the Master in Innovation and Design (MID) of the School of Design: Alejandro Cifuentes, Katia Ligueros, Eduardo Mege, Sofía Olivero and Juan Carlos Vergara. The system allows the counting and precise measurement of the size of the fruits and is designed to increase efficiency and precision in agricultural decision-making without increasing operating costs, ensuring compliance with the performance expectations required both in the national market and in the export market.We are addressing the technological backwardness in the Chilean agricultural sector, specifically in management and decision-making in fruit fields. This problem, exacerbated by resistance to change and lack of investment, results in inaccurate manual estimates that generate unnecessary expenses, dissatisfaction of demand, less inventory control and loss of fruit. Despite its importance, the agricultural sector does not receive the attention or urgency it deserves, mainly affecting entities in key regions.” the students comment.

Faced with this challenge, the use of artificial vision and machine learning provides 95% accuracy in the loading and sizing of fruit trees, anticipating the different stages of the fruit cycle, not only in post-harvest. This allows agricultural companies to make informed and precise decisions, meeting commercial expectations both nationally and internationally. “Kantum stands out for offering full control of software and hardware, customization according to the client’s needs and adaptability to any type of fruit. Unlike other alternatives, it is offered as a comprehensive and accessible service, executed by our team, providing specific operational support for each field. This solution guarantees accurate anticipation of yield, improving efficiency and reducing operating costs, which significantly improves the international competitiveness of Chilean agriculture.”explain the MID team that developed the proposal inspired by the experience of one of its members who knew the problems of the sector since she was a child because her parents have a farm.


When developing and implementing their project, the young people faced several challenges. Among them was tackling a sector such as agriculture that not everyone knew about and in which they were not so immersed. To do this – they point out – they had to study and start from scratch, both in the development of software adapted to the user, as well as in the creation of an innovative, profitable and scalable business model over time to generate a positive footprint.It was very useful for us to attend fairs related to the sector, as well as other fairs on entrepreneurship and new technologies, in addition to talking with people specialized in these topics and who live and feel everything that agriculture is in the country.”say MID alumni who, in developing their project, applied tools to address a design problem such as design thinking, and learnings in the prototyping and iteration stage before reaching the final product. “We also used ethnographic study tools to empathize and better understand our user. An essential software was ArcGIS onlinewhich allowed us to visualize data effectively and interactively, offering a product that is easy to use and accessible to all users,” detail.

The group of students also highlights that the motivation behind this project was marked by “The challenge of creating something significant, valuable and transcendental in an area as essential as agriculture in Chile, which we believe does not receive the importance it should. Planting our seed there fills us with enthusiasm and excitement. We believe and want Chile to be known as the country with the best fruit in the world.”

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