Goodbye to passing the MOT in 2024. This is the mistake that everyone is making

Goodbye to passing the MOT in 2024. This is the mistake that everyone is making
Goodbye to passing the MOT in 2024. This is the mistake that everyone is making

The Technical Inspection of Vehicles (ITV) is a Mandatory procedure for the vast majority of vehiclesDriving without the corresponding inspection can result in a considerably high financial penalty, in addition to other consequences for the driver.

This is a procedure that consists of a thorough inspection, both mechanically and electrically, and legally, of each vehicle to ensure that they are in perfect condition to circulate on the country’s roads and highways. However, it is no secret that this inspection can result in a real headache for drivers. Especially because of the fear that the slightest defect could cause the vehicle to fail. inspection is not passed satisfactorily.

ITV inspection: risk of not passing this inspection

There is always a risk of not passing this inspection and the most common reason why more than 700,000 vehicles, at least last summer, did not pass it satisfactorily is because polluting emissionsApproximately 82.2% of the vehicles that went to the ITV inspection passed said inspection in the first review, but at least 8.9% of them did not pass it, precisely for this reason, that is, for failure to meet minimum standards for polluting emissions.

Considering that this is a factor that vehicle owners cannot control, it is normal that it generates concern among them, especially when the vehicle is essential for their daily life. These figures are derived from the inspections that were carried out in the Community of Madrid last year, specifically in the summer months, which is when more vehicles are subjected to the ITV.

What are the main reasons why the ITV can be rejected? As we mentioned above, polluting emissions are positioned as the main cause of rejection, but they are closely followed by significant failures in both signage and lightingThe latter are of vital importance, as they can make a difference in the driver’s visibility, which is why they are associated with accidents with serious injuries and even deaths. Specifically, failures in signalling and lighting represent 8.5% of the vehicles that failed the test.

In third place, with 6.3%, the vehicles that failed the tests are those that presented Wheel, axle, tire and suspension failuresA little further away, with a percentage of 2.3% and 2.2% respectively, refers to problems with the brakes and with elements related to the exterior of the vehicle, such as the chassis or bodywork.

Suspension of the ITV: what is the next step?

The suspension of the ITV can be, more or less easy to solve depending on the severity of the faults. In this sense, the station in charge of carrying out the inspection may determine that it has been unfavorable or simply negative.

In case the inspection is unfavorable it is because they have been detected faults considered seriouswhich affect the safety of both the vehicle’s passengers and other road users. The most serious anomalies include brakes in poor condition, a broken rearview mirror, and using different tires on the same axle, among others.

Given this situation, the next step for the owner is to go to a workshop within a maximum period of two months to resolve these serious faults and, subsequently, go to the station where the ITV was carried out so that the vehicle can be evaluated again.

In case of negative ITV, it refers to very serious failures that pose a major risk to securitysuch as having a loose suspension arm. In these cases, the vehicle cannot even leave the station where it was inspected, at least not by its own means, so it will be mandatory for the owner to hire a tow truck to take it to the corresponding workshop and vice versa. As in the previous case, the owner also has a maximum period of two months to resolve the situation and return to the ITV station where the vehicle will be subjected, once again, to a very thorough inspection.

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