Wanda Nara’s racy photo album that’s turning heads

Wanda Nara’s racy photo album that’s turning heads
Wanda Nara’s racy photo album that’s turning heads

For some time now, Wanda Nara She stopped being the blonde we all know and went back to her original hair color, dark brown. It was revealed that the big change was due to work projects that the Argentine businesswoman has been undertaking recently.

In recent days, the singer and host revealed that she added bangs to this new look. Demonstrating her flexibility when it comes to adapting to changes. When she showed off this look, she did it in a Photography with her little daughter Francesca, who wore the same look.

The new album of Photographs of Wanda left little to the imagination. Photo: @wandanara

But Wanda didn’t stay static and went for more. In her latest Instagram post, the singer of the hit “Bad Bitch” changed her hair color again to a wine red. album of Photos quickly filled with likes. Wanda Nara She is a social media influencer with more than 16 million followers.

Accompanied the album with the legend “I would like to be without feelings” and the Photographs The most notable ones were the first ones where she showed off her new style and also some of her cooking. But without a doubt, the one that caught the most attention was the one in particular where she showed off her perfect figure.

Mauro Icardi, partner of Wanda Narajoked about Kitty in her bikini. Photo: @wandanara

Comments on the album were not long in coming, with one of her husband Mauro Icardi standing out, who wrote “I wish I was that Kitty” accompanied by some emoticons. In less than 24 hours, the album of Photographs has more than 300 thousand likes.

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