In the city of El Bolsón, an innovative adapted skiing proposal for people with disabilities is being developed. This program, led by kinesiologist and ski instructor Mercedes Macazaga, seeks to promote accessibility and inclusion in mountain sports..

Kiara, an Inspiring Young Woman

Kiara, a 10-year-old girl with an amputated leg due to a congenital malformation, is one of the outstanding students of this program.Since she was 8 years old, Kiara has practiced three-track skiing, an adapted form of the sport. Initially, he began his training with Pablo Traversaro, a teacher from Esquel who is also an amputee and a three-track skier.Now, Kiara continues to hone her skills alongside Mercedes in El Bolsón.

Adaptive Skiing El Bolsón is a non-profit organization that has been operating for three years, promoting skiing and adapted sports in Cerro Perito MorenoThe organization not only facilitates the participation of people with disabilities, but is also dedicated to training professionals and instructors in this discipline.

Based in the Piltriquitrón Andean Club and the Laderas School, concessionaire of Cerro Perito Moreno, the organization offers a ski school and a ski club for ski enthusiasts.Although skiing activities have a cost, the program also provides volunteer services to allow organizations and people with disabilities to enjoy skiing without financial limitations.

Adaptive Skiing Equipment and Modalities

Adaptive skiing in El Bolsón includes various modalities and equipment for seated skiers, such as double-skiing and mono-skiing. The bi-ski is ideal for people who need more assistance, while the mono-ski is suitable for those with good core control and arm strength.allowing them to ski independently.

Anyone who visits El Bolsón and wants to ski, or who has a family member with a disability, can access this activity.The organization offers two types of services: the commercial school, with two-hour classes, and a club service, where participants spend the whole day in the mountains.

This year, in addition to Kiara, a group of eight more children are expected to participate, accompanied by trained instructors and assistants.thus consolidating the organization’s commitment to inclusion and accessibility in sport.

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