Libya begins dialogue and meetings with elected mayors

Libya begins dialogue and meetings with elected mayors
Libya begins dialogue and meetings with elected mayors

San Luis de la Paz, Gto.- Governor-elect, Libia Dennise García Muñoz Ledo, began meetings with the elected presidents of the 46 municipalities of the state.

Infrastructure, health, education, jobs, connectivity and security are the actions that the mayors of the 2024-2027 period stated as priorities for their municipalities.

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“We started with meetings with the mayors of the different political parties and we will continue to have these meetings throughout these weeks. Initially, we will put ourselves at their disposal, work with them in a coordinated manner, listen to what their priority projects are, work with them to support the handover process that they will have starting in October and reaffirm to them that I will be a Governor committed to each of the municipalities and working closely.”

To chart the course that Guanajuato will follow in the period 2024-2030 and prior to the consolidation of the Government Plan, the next Governor met with the elected authorities of the municipalities of Atarjea, Xichú, Santa Catarina, San Luis de la Paz, San Diego de la Unión, San Miguel de Allende and Tierra Blanca.

In this first meeting, the next Governor shared with the elected authorities the regionalized security strategy to be implemented during her administration, which will work in a focused manner in each of the nine regions into which the state will be divided.

The Mayor Elect of Atarjea, José Luis Rivas Loyola, shared that in this first meeting, Libia reaffirmed her commitment to work closely and in coordination with the municipality, addressing the priorities of its inhabitants.

“It was a pleasant meeting, with a lot of trust and a lot of coordination to work together,” said the next mayor of Atarjea.

For Xichú, the actions will be to strengthen health services, highway and road infrastructure, reported the re-elected Municipal President, Francisco Orozco Martínez.

“I have a lot of confidence in the Governor that she will put a lot of effort into the northeast of the state,” said Orozco Martínez.

In the municipality of Santa Catarina, the Municipal President Elect, Rogelio Moya Cabrera, shared that during his term he will work hand in hand with the citizens.

“We were talking about several projects that we are focused on, the main issue is water, we will be working there, as well as issues such as roads and sports infrastructure. We will be supporting the youth in every way,” said Moya Cabrera.

Rubén Urias, Mayor Elect of San Luis de la Paz mentioned that the project for the municipality will focus on growth and development.

“I am very pleased to see the commitment that Libya has with San Luis de La Paz. Security, education, health and infrastructure, that is what we talked about.”

At the meeting with the Governor-elect, Juan Carlos Castillo Cantero, Mayor-elect of San Diego de la Unión, said he was enthusiastic about the openness and rapprochement that Libia has shown towards the municipality.

“We also see that great enthusiasm to continue the projects to ensure that today upon his arrival we can have that vision of development and growth in San Diego de la Unión.”

For San Miguel de Allende, the future Governor has in mind the priorities of its inhabitants, said Mauricio Trejo Pureco, Municipal President Elect.

“The Governor-elect and I have not known each other since yesterday, I know her as Secretary of Government and we work very well and she is still aware of the needs that exist in San Miguel de Allende. We are going to work hard, not from two sides, but from one side and from one leadership, which is hers,” said Trejo Pureco.

Rómulo García Cabrera, Mayor Elect of Tierra Blanca, shared that the Governor Elect, Libia, is committed to the northeast and its development.

“We are very happy because Tierra Blanca is going to do very well with teacher Libia, I know that she loves the northeast,” said the re-elected President.

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