A neighbor trapped in a building in Malaga is rescued

Wednesday, July 3, 2024, 8:49 p.m.

| Updated 21:54h.

A fire that broke out late on Wednesday afternoon has startled the Capuchinos neighbourhood in Málaga. The fire started in a building on Alameda Barceló 62, and as a result a neighbour was trapped, although he has since been rescued.

According to initial information, the flames started in the kitchen on the third floor (the block has five floors), which has been completely burned down. Several neighbours began calling the emergency telephone line at 7.50pm to report what had happened, also indicating that they heard noises that could be explosions and that a person was trapped.

According to 061, the trapped person is the tenant of the fourth floor, who could not leave his home due to the fire. Firefighters and other personnel have remained in the area once the flames were extinguished and the victim was rescued, whose condition is currently unknown. In addition, three people have been taken to medical centres due to smoke poisoning. Upon entering the affected home, the firefighters found a dead dog.

The incident affected traffic on nearby streets and caused alarm as the smoke produced was visible from various points in the area.

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