Venezuelan President denounces attempted sabotage of the Nueva Esparta Electric System

“Venezuela will have peace, tranquility, stability,” said Maduro,

July 3, 2024 Time: 21:45

“I have bad news for these people: they will not be able to defeat us or the Venezuelan people,” said the head of state.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Wednesday denounced a new attempt to sabotage the electrical system of Margarita Island, in the state of Nueva Esparta, after an attempt was made to cut the submarine cable that allows electricity to be carried from the mainland to said territory.

During the ceremony to promote Generals and Admirals, the president declared that those responsible for these acts are the same ones who “have increased the sabotage of electric warfare, the same ones who are carrying out sabotage never before seen in Venezuela to make bridges fall, the same ones who want violence or riots.”

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However, he said: “Nobody can fool Venezuela. Venezuela will have peace, tranquility, stability. And this act is a demonstration of the strength of the institutions, of the State and of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces. Congratulations to everyone for your promotion.”

Previously, in a press conference, the Minister of People’s Power for Tourism, Ali Padrón, denounced that what they tried to do was quite irresponsible, considering that they would leave an entire region not connected to the mainland without electricity.

“This is very serious and we are denouncing it with a video showing what these unscrupulous hands were trying to do to destabilize peace in the region,” said the senior official.

The video shows how a section of cable is damaged in the PVC coating, which is a special material that protects the cable from high temperatures and salt water.

Author: teleSUR – dcdc – YSM

Source: @NicolasMaduro – VTV

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