The labor reform of the Bases Law saved her from Atilra

The labor reform of the Bases Law saved her from Atilra
The labor reform of the Bases Law saved her from Atilra

In addition, the Bases Law indicates that there is a lack “serious when during a direct action measure the freedom of work of those who do not adhere to the force measure is affected, through acts, events, intimidation or threats; the entry or exit of people and/or things to the establishment is totally or partially prevented or obstructed and damage is caused to people or property of the company.”

This modification also hits Atilra, which threatened SanCor employees not to go to work and join the strike. Due to this situation, on March 27, 2024, prosecutor Juan Manuel Puig, of the Regional Prosecutor’s Office No. 5 of Rafaela, charged eight employees of the SanCor plant in Sunchales for the crimes of “qualified threats with the purpose of compelling other persons to leave their workplace”. Puig also included the charges for “usurpation by disturbance of possession” y “coercive threats”.

Atilra even forced SanCor to throw away 100,000 liters of milk that could not be processed and was in poor condition, thanks to a three-day blockade in October 2023 that the union carried out in all plants and distribution centers in the country. This blockade put the production chain for 3 million liters of milk at risk.

The conflict between SanCor and Atilra continues and will end only when the dairy cooperative finds an investor who will give it the necessary funds to settle the debt with the union. But unlike previous times, SanCor lives a kind of tranquility, while Atilra maintains a slight claim, which includes the payment of 300 thousand pesos in cash. “to the colleagues who are currently retaining their benefits.”

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