“It is illogical”: Marco Rubio criticizes dialogue between the US and Maduro

“It is illogical”: Marco Rubio criticizes dialogue between the US and Maduro
“It is illogical”: Marco Rubio criticizes dialogue between the US and Maduro

Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio said Wednesday that the new dialogue announced between the United States government and the Venezuelan government headed by Nicolás Maduro “is illogical and absurd.”

“It is illogical and absurd for the Biden administration to resume negotiations again with the criminal narco-regime of Maduro, which continues to violate the Barbados Accords“, Rubio said in a few brief comments published on his X account.

According to the Republican senator, the dialogue between the United States and Maduro, which began this Wednesday, is the only thing that “It is to undermine the opposition and grant international latitude to the Maduro dictatorship.” “I warned this would happen last year,” he added.

Rubio’s comment follows the dialogue initiated between the Biden administration and the Chavista regime It does not involve the Venezuelan opposition, as the Barbados Agreement does.

The latter was signed by delegations from the Venezuelan government and the opposition, but is currently void after the Maduro government breached a fundamental part of the treaty, such as allowing all opposition leaders to participate in the presidential elections on July 28 or stopping the persecution of activists.

As part of direct agreements between the Biden and Maduro administrations, the Venezuelan government released a group of Americans imprisoned in Venezuela. The United States, on the other hand, partially lifted sanctions against Venezuela’s state oil company, PDVSA, but reimposed them after the Chavista regime disqualified opposition leader María Corina Machado to be a presidential candidate.

What did they agree on?

Jorge Rodríguez, president of the National Assembly of Venezuela, controlled by Chavismo, and Maduro’s representative in the new dialogue with the United States, reported the result of the first “virtual” meeting on Wednesday.

In a brief statement published in X, Rodríguez assured that after the first meeting it was agreed: “the will of both governments to work together to gain trust and improve relationships” and “maintain communications in a respectful and constructive manner.”

The US government has not yet commented on the results of the first meeting.

Earlier, the State Department’s head of Latin America, Brian Nichols, said at a press conference that he would insist on dialogue with the Venezuelan government. “We are always open to dialogue. I have said this many times,” he said.

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