Valencia’s employment plans remove clauses in favour of women and victims of gender violence, according to the socialists | News from the Valencian Community

Valencia’s employment plans remove clauses in favour of women and victims of gender violence, according to the socialists | News from the Valencian Community
Valencia’s employment plans remove clauses in favour of women and victims of gender violence, according to the socialists | News from the Valencian Community
One of the unemployment offices in Valencia.Monica Torres

The Valencia City Council’s employment plans “erase women”, denounce the socialists. The local government of PP and Vox approved at the beginning of the year some general bases from which the clauses of positive actions towards women were removed and although the PP warned then that a specific article would be made for the 2024 call for applications from the Valencia Activa foundation, the truth is that, according to the municipal file, to access one of the 250 places only the general criteria will be applied. “The specific score for women in general, who are 60% of the unemployed in the capital, and also for victims of gender violence, is erased,” denounced this Wednesday the socialist councilor Javier Mateo. And he warns: “They still have room to correct because the plans have not yet been published.”

A few weeks ago, the Socialists denounced the changes in criteria for the allocation of jobs by the municipal foundation that manages them, Valencia Activa, a department under the responsibility of the second deputy mayor, councillor for Employment and spokesperson for Vox, Juan Manuel Badenas. “We have verified that in the file of these employment plans there is a motion from June that says that they will be governed by the general bases approved in January,” says Mateo, who finds such cancellation inexplicable when more than half of the unemployed in the city are women.

“The PSPV is once again reaching out to Mayor María José Catalá,” says the socialist councillor, who acknowledges that in the Finance Commission in June the PP and Vox voted against the inclusion of positive actions. “We will propose a new motion in which we will not only ask for the previous article to be included, but for this municipal plan to be divided into different employment plans and to advocate for the groups that have the greatest difficulty in finding it: which are young people, the long-term unemployed, people over 45 years of age and women. More than 27,000 of them are waiting for a job opportunity,” he concludes.

Valencia City Council has an employment plan financed with its own funds, in addition to other plans financed with European funds and provided by Labora, the regional employment service. Municipal programmes, at least during the two previous legislative periods, when Compromís and PSPV governed, gave women more points because they are one of the sectors of the population with the highest unemployment rate in the city. The score was doubled if they were also victims of gender violence. Both aspects are in danger, warn the socialists.

In addition, Mateo adds, Valencia goes from offering 450 job positions from previous years to 250 because Labora has not issued its own call for applications for 2024. “Labora’s inaction is also affecting the city’s employability, mainly for young people and people over 45 years of age,” he complains.

The socialists regret the accusations that Badenas made against them on Tuesday as soon as the sentence of a judge was known, which sides with the workers of Valencia Activa and describes as “bad practice” the hiring that was done in the municipal employment foundation. According to Vox, the Social Court number 6 of Valencia has condemned the Valencia City Council for unfair labor practices during the socialist administration from 2015 to 2023. “Salary discrimination was committed against the workers of the Valencia Activa Foundation, generating a double salary scale that harmed the employees hired in the previous term with substantially lower salaries,” the ultra group denounced in a statement. Badenas threatened legal action against the PSPV councilors.

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Mateo replied to Vox: “We encourage Mr. Badenas to be brave and report it because this bad practice has been going on since 2005, it was ratified in 2006 and the last bad contracts were made in 2012. I don’t know if you remember, but the PP, your current government partner, was in power at that time. We encourage you to report the bad practices of the PP and the PSPV will join in this complaint,” Mateo said.

The socialist assures that since they took over the local government in 2015 they have been working to solve the problem created in the foundation by the previous PP government. “In the end it was a judge who had to put everything in order. But since 2015 there are minutes, documentation and even a drafted agreement of almost 50 pages, which shows that collective bargaining work was carried out to solve the problem.”

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