Xbox employees warn of crisis after server crash

Xbox employees warn of crisis after server crash
Xbox employees warn of crisis after server crash
  • Employees are concerned after an alleged crisis at Xbox.

  • According to Statisa, 30 percent of the video game market is cornered by the Xbox brand.

  • Unjustified dismissals may be filed in a new action.

The public eye was focused on the Xbox company this week, after its servers crashed on the afternoon of Tuesday, July 2, which caught the attention of several people who were interested in the case; on social networks it was circulated by employees of Xbox a potential crisis looming for the brand.

According to data from Statista, Xbox has positioned itself in the video game industry with a 30 percent share, while 40 percent of adults own a console of this type.

Crisis on Xbox?

After Xbox servers fell, the way in which the workers of the video game company showed interest in the chaos of the company was shown as interesting, an issue that caught attention in several ways since they mentioned problems in the future.

The company’s employees expressed their concern about the fall of servers, but beyond that, they warned about a crisis of jobssince according to The Verge, it assured that massive layoffs are coming within Xbox in the coming weeks.

The video game brand of Microsoft It has positioned itself in the rest of the world with actions in favor of minorities, agreements with players and benefits in its community, which is why it is perceived as a positive brand among players, but lately this could be changing.

With the recent dismissal of Jessa Birdy, a Microsoft collaborator on the Xbox team, alarm bells began to ring, since according to her version, she was notified of her departure from the company after having taken her corresponding vacation, as well as with different similar cases.

Other actions by Xbox that fuel concern within the sector can be found in the closure of studios, where they could be seen as a somewhat cautious action as part of a new strategy by the brand.

While brand officials have not speculated about a crisis in their ranks, what is certain is that Xbox has implemented changes that were not seen in the last decade, which is why it recently caught the attention of gamers for the same reason.

Xbox is a video game console brand developed by Microsoft, known for its power, innovation, and a vast library of exclusive games. Since its debut in 2001 with the original Xbox, it has evolved to the Xbox Series X|S series, standing out for its advanced graphic capabilities, integration with cloud services such as Xbox Game Pass, and a global community of players.

The gaming brand has been instrumental in the gaming industry, competing with other leading platforms and continuing its legacy with new technologies and exciting gaming experiences.

PlayStation has shown itself to be just as good as Xbox in meeting the expectations of its players, so in some ways its executions can be found interesting, by giving away gifts and presents in exchange for a subscription.

Xbox’s new strategies have the gaming world excited, as the way it operates can be found interesting, which is why some people fear a possible monopoly within the company.

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