YaraVera™ AMIDAS: Innovation in fertilizers for greater efficiency and performance

YaraVera™ AMIDAS: Innovation in fertilizers for greater efficiency and performance
YaraVera™ AMIDAS: Innovation in fertilizers for greater efficiency and performance

Delagro, regional leader in agricultural and environmental solutions, is proud to present YaraVera™ AMIDESa state-of-the-art granular nitrogen fertilizer that combines Nitrogen and Sulfur in fully soluble and assimilable forms. This new product promises to revolutionize the agricultural market by improving the efficiency of Nitrogen use and maximizing crop yields.

YaraVera™ AMIDAS stands out for its unique combination of Nitrogen in Ureic and Ammoniacal forms and Sulfur in Sulfate form, in an optimal ratio of 7 to 1, comparable to the ratio of these nutrients in soil organic matter. This formulation not only improves Nitrogen absorption, but also significantly reduces losses through volatilization and leaching, ensuring a more efficient use of resources and a lower environmental impact.

“With YaraVera™ AMIDAS, we are offering farmers an advanced solution that not only increases crop yields, but also contributes to more sustainable agriculture,” say Delagro technicians.

“Our mission is to provide products that help people fertilize responsibly, and YaraVera™ AMIDAS is another step towards that goal.”

Key Benefits of YaraVera™ AMIDAS in Corn Cultivation

Improved Efficiency: The combination of Nitrogen and Sulfur improves fertilizer efficiency, reducing losses due to volatilization.

Safety for the Plant: It does not damage the leaf when it comes into contact with the plant.

Superior Performance: Provides higher yields thanks to its balanced formulation.

Easy Absorption: It provides Ammonium and Ammoniacal Nitrogen in a ratio of 8 to 1, similar to the ratio in the organic matter of the soil.

Soluble Sulfur: Provides fully soluble and assimilable sulfur, essential for the development of proteins.

Optimized Development: The combination of Nitrogen and Sulfur favors the development and increase of proteins in plants.

Instructions for use in corn

YaraVera™ AMIDAS is recommended for use as top dressing, spreader or spot application. It is crucial to apply the fertilizer at the right time and at the correct rates to maximize yields and minimize unnecessary nitrogen losses through volatilization or leaching.

YaraVera™ AMIDAS is distributed exclusively by Delagro, ensuring efficient distribution and specialized technical support for farmers.

For more information on YaraVera™ AMIDAS and other innovative products from Yara International, please visit our website www.yara.com

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