First Division contracts will be for 12 months, but they will pay 10 installments

First Division contracts will be for 12 months, but they will pay 10 installments
First Division contracts will be for 12 months, but they will pay 10 installments

In addition, the under 17 division will no longer be subsidized by Fesfut and the teams will be obliged to develop the tournament

Following the meeting of Liga last Monday, and another of its representatives with the Regularization Committee of the Salvadoran Football Federation, Samuel Gálvez, president of the First Division, spoke about various topics, including that of First Division contracts.

According to him, there was confusion regarding the decision of the FESFUT Licensing Committee, which confirmed that contracts must be for at least one season, i.e. one year (2024-25). In the past, it is worth remembering that sometimes contracts were signed for 6 months, or one-year contracts but only 10 months were paid, not including, for example, the pre-season.

However, since the last tournament, FESFUT has made it necessary to comply with FIFA regulations, although there have been some problems. For example, it was not clear whether signing a one-year contract meant 12 instalments, or whether the total amount could be divided into 10, or in whatever was agreed between the parties.

The only thing FESFUT established was that it was for 12 months, as it happened last season. Hence, there were situations in which players were not paid monthly, but in some cases there were not even dates set in the contracts as to when payments would be made, and whether these would be monthly or not.

In this regard, Gálvez said that everything has already been clarified. “With the situation of the contracts, we are clear, possibly there was a confusion there. We continue with the situation that the contracts are for one season, 2024-25, which is one year, expressly as Dr. Sáenz (Humberto, president of the Commission) said, those quotas are established by the teams. There will not be any significant change.” In that sense, the contracts could establish the amount of payments agreed with their players.

When asked again if they will pay for 12 months, he was clearer: “No, the contracts establish that they are for one year, but the doctor was clear in saying that it will depend on the amount, how long they will pay it, which is established in 10 installments. What will be clear is the date, from when it will be paid. If it is every first (of each month), it must be established (in the contracts).”

About the under 17 and under 15

Regarding a ruling by the Licensing Committee, which determined that there would be no more subsidies but the tournament must be held and include the under 15 division, Gálvez referred only to the former. “Yes, we will always carry the under 17 division, I know that the economic situation is a bit difficult, but it was agreed to carry it according to the formats established by this league. So we are going to have a very separate meeting with all the clubs to see how we are going to carry it out,” said the president of the First Division.

“No, we will not receive any subsidy for the Under 17s, they have requested it from FIFA (FESFUT), but if it does come (subsidy), it would be in October, November, which is almost at the end, if they give it, it could be a support, but for the moment we are going to resume the Under 17s with the clubs’ own funds,” added Gálvez.

“We also expressed our dissatisfaction with the lower categories, since most of the players are not part of the teams’ minor leagues, and we made that clear. We discussed it with most of the teams, not even 50% of the players are part of the teams. We talked about it, and I think it was clear, there was no agreement, but we talked about it. We feel a little dissatisfied with that part,” he said.

It is worth remembering that the under 17 and under 15 teams are part of the requirements to maintain the club license and, therefore, be able to compete in the federated tournament.

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