Japan’s technology minister announces major victory against floppy disks

Japan’s technology minister announces major victory against floppy disks
Japan’s technology minister announces major victory against floppy disks

No more seeing Japanese officials with floppy disks in their handsmore appropriate for the 1990s than 2024. The Japanese Minister for Digital Transformation, Taro Kono, has described it as a “great victory.”

Although it may seem incredible, in Japan they were still using diskettes in many public administration applications. To the point that, for some procedures, citizens were required to hand over certain data on a diskette.

This was a problem, because very few stores sell floppy disks anymore, even in Japan.

Japan says goodbye to floppy disks

Japan’s reality check began during the pandemic, when they attempted to vaccinate the population globally, and realized that many procedures could only be carried out on paper, and others were obsolete.

So in 2021, Digital Transformation Minister Taro Kono called for a “war on floppy disks.” Three years later, they appear to have emerged victorious.

According to reports Reutersin the middle of last month The Japanese administration had eliminated the 1,034 regulations that used floppy disksexcept for an environmental restriction related to vehicle recycling.

“We won the war on floppy disks on June 28!” he declared. Reuters Minister Taro Kono, with visible joy on his face.

Why has it taken Japan so long to phase out this outdated storage format? The Japanese idiosyncrasy has two things to do with it.

Although Japan is a country with numerous technology companies, from Sony to Toyota, Honda, or Yamaha, Its citizens adhere to traditions and classical technologies.. There are still DVD movies that sell millions.

There is also Another aspect that is very important to the Japanese: privacy. It is one of the countries where cash is most widely used, and many people do not have a bank card, because they prefer anonymous payments. For this reason, traditional storage technologies such as diskettes have been maintained, which are considered more private than using the cloud.

The end of floppy disks in Japan’s public administration is an important step to modernize public services. Sometimes traditional is neither practical nor functional.

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