Ana Duato’s future once she resolves her conflict with the Treasury

There is no doubt that Ana Duato is going through one of the worst stages of her life. She does not like to be put on trial (including by the public) for an alleged tax crime that she denies and now the only thing is that everything ends, forget of everything and undertake new exciting projects.

This is revealed by the magazine ‘¡Hola!’, which does not hide the actress’s bad moment and her need to undertake activities that will fulfill her again after long months, even years, Overwhelmed due to the effects of the so-called Nummaria case.

The actress decided not reaching an agreement with the Treasuryas her partner Imanol Arias did, and go all out by continuing to maintain that she did not commit any crime. For her, it is a question of dignity.

The Prosecutor’s Office is asking for 32 years in prison for the Valencian woman after being accused of alleged tax fraud of 1.9 million euros between the years 2010 and 2017, but she understands, as she has stated, that “a compliance agreement would require me to lie and assume some acts that I have not committed».

Eight long years

Eight long years have passed since the beginning of the process and now it seems that the case is facing its final phase. Therefore, she is already thinking about what she wants to do with her life when there is a resolution. The actress is clear that wants to continue his work with the NGO Smiles of Bombay with her daughter María, as people close to her have told the magazine ‘¡Hola!’.

«He also dreams of travel to India againwhich is a country that he loves,” the anonymous source continued. It would therefore be surprising if the trial ends in his favour, if he decides to go to the Asian country for a while to “share his life with them for a while longer and be able to give a voice” to the association with which he collaborates.

India has been a very important country throughout her life and we only have to remember that the production company that she herself created is called Ganga, in reference to the Ganges River. But There is more on the horizon of life that you are imagining.

Thus, it is not ruled out that Ana Duato will resume her career in the world of acting, something that was put on hold since the very end of the popular series ‘Tell me how it happened‘. He wants to come back with a new project.

A return to the stage?

According to the aforementioned magazine, during this time he has received various proposals that ended in nothing due to the outbreak of the legal case. «He has a theatre project, with which he is very excited“, the magazine’s sources say. Something that will come to light as soon as the sentence is final.

Another option he is considering is to join the filming a new series which he may play in the future, but which is still being considered, according to his inner circle. Again, everything is on hold for the moment until the verdict is known.

The Economic Administrative Court has already ruled in his favor the three crimes for the years 2010, 2011 and 2012. To this are added the others, from 2013 to 2017, where the amount would not have reached the minimum to be considered fraud, as stated in a report prepared by the Treasury at the request of Tomás Herranz. “The trial will likely last until September and The sentence will not come until the end of this year“, ‘Hola!’ has revealed.

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