Investigation against LatinUs is not a political issue, says Sheinbaum

Investigation against LatinUs is not a political issue, says Sheinbaum
Investigation against LatinUs is not a political issue, says Sheinbaum

When asked about the investigation by the Financial Intelligence Unit (UIF) against the consortium LatinUsthe virtual president-elect, Claudia Sheinbaum Pardoassured that “it is not a political matter”, since it seeks to clarify alleged irregularities in its financing, as well as the triangulation of public money to the tax haven of Delaware. That is what the UIF reported criminally to the Attorney General’s Office (FGR).

“What the UIF finds, as Pablo Gómez explains [titular de la UIF, en la conferencia presidencial]is that in the first case, financing from the sale of medicines or health-related services is used to finance this channel, but there are irregularities in this financing, because it is not a matter of having contracts, but rather of finding irregularities in the course of the accounts.”

The former head of government of the Mexico City He reiterated that in this explanation by Pablo Gómez it was clear that the complaint is only against the LatinUs consortium, and not against Carlos Loret de Mola.

He also indicated that “it is not a political issue, it is simply a matter of illegal handling by the UIF of resources from one company or several companies, not just one, but several companies.”

After being asked if the data revealed by the head of the Financial Intelligence Unit violates banking information, Dr. Sheinbaum assured that there was no such violation, on the contrary, she questioned: “There is information that has been disseminated in the president’s ‘Las Mañaneras’ and it is the information that they have used in their accounts. The underlying issue is: is there washed money or not in LatinUs?”

In this regard, the future president indicated: “What the UIF finds is that there are indeed irregularities in the management of LatinUs accounts. The Prosecutor’s Office will have to determine if that is sufficient to open an investigation file and present it to a judge.”

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