The best tapas in Spain are eaten in this city, according to ‘The Times’

Going out for tapas is a tradition deeply rooted in Spanish culture, a gastronomic experience that goes beyond the simple act of eating. It represents a way of life, an opportunity to socialize, discover new flavors and enjoy the company of friends and family. The importance of going for tapas in Spain lies in several cultural, social and gastronomic aspects that intertwine to create a unique experience. Each region of Spain has its own interpretation of tapas, reflecting the country’s gastronomic diversity and there are examples of cities well known for their tapas such as Bilbao, Granada, Logroño, Seville, Oviedo or Madrid.

But, among all these cities, the British newspaper ‘The Times’ has published an article where has compiled the 9 best cities in Spain to go out for tapas. And first of all, is located in Logroño, the capital of La Rioja, since according to the media: “It’s the central spot for tapas, with more than 50 bars specialising in one or two tapas. For a change, we recommend moving from one place to another,” The Times said.

Logroño, the best city for tapas

The British newspaper ‘The Times’ is clear, Logroño and The famous Laurel street is the best place to go for tapas in Spain. This famous street, affectionately known by Riojans as ‘The Elephant’s Path’ because of the route that visitors take from bar to bar and wine to wine (“until you come out with your trunk”), is a must-see for food and wine lovers looking to enjoy an authentic and social culinary experience.

For all those who don’t know where to start, Some of the best tapas bars on Laurel Street are:

  • The Hangers
  • The Soriano
  • Jubera
  • Uncle Agus Bar Lorenzo
  • ​La Tavina
  • The wall
  • The Laurel Tavern
  • And many more…

After Logroño, other cities that The Times has visited and included in the list are: Oviedo, Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Seville, San Sebastian, Valencia, Palma and Bilbao.

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