Dramatic video of a sea lion attacking bathers on a beach

Dramatic video of a sea lion attacking bathers on a beach
Dramatic video of a sea lion attacking bathers on a beach

Las San Diego, California beaches are among the favorites to enjoy a hot day. However, Visitors must be aware of respect for nature Otherwise, they could be surprised and flee, as happened a few days ago when an aggressive sea lion attacked bathers.

The events that were captured on video and replicated by several media outlets, including CBS Newshappened last June 23 around La Jolla Cove, a popular beach.

Apparently what happened is that Bathers got too close to the sea lion pups who reacted angrily and began attacking the swimmers. In the video you can hear how People in the area begin to become alert. Regarding the animal’s behavior: “It’s pretty close, get out of the water.”

The sea lion’s aggressive behavior caused several people sitting on the beach to run away. While some took their time to take their things and even decided to film the situation, others did not take the risk and simply walked away. In another part of the video You can see the huge sea lion in the water running sideways and frightened the swimmers. However, fortunately, the incident did not go any further and no injuries were reported.

Authorities ask for respect for sea lions in California

It should be noted that La Jolla Beach is located on a rocky part of the San Diego coast that is very popular with sea lions. In fact, The area had been closed to the public in an attempt to protect these animals. In September, following several complaints from residents and activists, The municipal council decided to protect the areaespecially after two of these creatures attacked the bathers.

The authorities in the area have emphasized the importance of respecting the habitat, as they have detected that many people try to touch, take photos or get too close to these animals, which It represents a danger especially during the summer months. which is when they have their young.

If you visit the area, pay attention to the signs that have been placed along the beach. and detail the areas that have been designated for swimming, the closed sections and the precautions to take.

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