pending trial and a tribute in La Coruña

pending trial and a tribute in La Coruña
pending trial and a tribute in La Coruña

It has been three years since Samuel Luiz, 24, was murdered on the seafront in La Coruña after a brutal beating that did not even give the emergency services time to act. This Wednesday, the Galician city paid tribute to the young man whose relatives are still waiting for justice.

The order of the Court of Instruction number 8 of La Coruña indicates that the young Samuel Luiz, Murdered in a beating while leaving a nightclub in the capital of Coruña He was beaten “systematically, persistently and in a group” by his attackers who sought to “cause him unnecessary pain and suffering.” The young man died on July 3, 2021 without the possibility, according to the same ruling, of defending himself. despite two Senegalese men trying to help him.

The nightmare began at 3 in the morning, when Samuel was with a friend on the Coruña seafront. They were both doing a video call that was interpreted by the attackers as a recording. Several witnesses stated that, after several homophobic shouts, the accused approached the young man and began to beat him. The court order also indicates that while some of them were beating him, others surrounded him to prevent anyone from coming to his rescue. The magistrate relates in the court order that, at first, two of the accused kicked Samuel Luiz and hit him in the face and head “with the intention of causing the death of the victim and, in any case, being aware that their actions could cause the fatal outcome or admitting the risk that this entailed.”

The seven defendants, two of them minors, are awaiting trial in October. This was at the request of one of the defence lawyers, who requested the suspension because he had previously scheduled a trial with a jury court in a case involving a prisoner in Madrid for the same dates. Two of these defendants are minors and they are serving a three-and-a-half-year sentence in a closed regime, so they will be released in just a few months.

For the rest, sentences of between 22 and 27 years are expected for murder. For the moment, hate crimes are not contemplated, although the aggravating circumstance of discrimination is.

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