Meiszner and the cabinet changes

Meiszner and the cabinet changes
Meiszner and the cabinet changes

Although possible changes in the provincial cabinet are being talked about in all the corridors of public offices, officials prefer to be cautious. It is logical, there has been speculation about their realization for some time now, but Now there would be an intention to carry them out on July 12. Ignacio Torres himself said on Wednesday that if he makes any changes to his team, he will announce them in due time.

Andrés Meiszner would move from the Ministry of Government to the Ministry of Economy.

It is an open secret that the current Minister of Government, Andrés Meisznerwill take over the Economy portfolio. However, he responded to a question from the press that “That depends on the political decision of the governor”alluding to the obvious.

The official resorted to a well-known phrase: “We are collaborators of the governor”thus leaving open to Torres’ discretion when and how the changes in the cabinet will be made, given that the first half of his administration has already passed.

It should be remembered that, in principle, With the arrival of Meiszner to the Ministry of Economy, Facundo Ball would move to the Ministry of Production, replacing Digna Hernando, who would occupy a provincial position in Comodoro Rivadavia.. Also The young radical Victoriano Eraso Parodi is preparing to take over as Minister of Government; y There is a high probability that Florencia Papaiani will join the team as Minister of Familyalthough some mayors are trying to keep Elva Willhuber in that position.

Atech strike and discount

On the other hand, Meiszner said that he was struck by the call for a strike made by the Atech teachers’ union for this Thursday “because There is no breach on the part of the Executive”.

He also noted that “the other unions, both in the teaching and auxiliary sectors, have recognized this; we have made a very important effort in terms of salaries, even in the month of July, which is paid in the first days of August.”

We have also unified, for example, in the teaching sector, the area item, until a few months ago the southern and northern Patagonian areas were differentiated between 72% and 90%, we have unified it from the month of July at 95% each and the month of August at 100%; increase in the matter of assistants and The increases in the teaching sector today are almost between 95% and 100% during the administration of Governor Torres”.

He anticipated that the strike day will be discounted and also “what corresponds to the discount of the law of teaching professionalism, which represents almost 15% of the salary”.

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