The Teatro de las Esquinas launches its most refreshing program for the coming weeks

It is Sunday, July 7th The summer programme of the Teatro de las Esquinas in Zaragoza starts with a Unforgettable and surprising show thanks to the Tribute to Aretha Franklin by The Gospel Girls. A vibrant and unique tribute to the Queen of Soul, an iconic figure who performed the most legendary tunes. Not only will her world-acclaimed hits be revived, but it will also be possible to delve into the lesser-known gems of her repertoire, revealing the depth and breadth of her musical influence. This is not a theatrical show in its purest form, but promises to surprise, as it captures the essence of gospel and Las Chicas with a touch never seen before.

From next week, humor will be the focus of the summer proposal. Next Friday, July 10, laughter and spontaneity will be the main ingredients of comedy 3 in Impro, by the company Impro Impar, where music and the public will also have a prominent role. To do so, Attendees are invited to be part of the fun show, even going up on stage to improvise.Its creators confess that not even they know what will happen each night, after more than 10 years of improvisation at the Bellas Artes Theatre in Madrid, with a proposal that is renewed and adapted to be even more dynamic and crazier.

3 in Impro, a comedy scheduled at the Teatro de las Esquinas in Zaragoza.
Esteban Abion

After a resounding success, which has seen it run for five years in Madrid and Barcelona, ​​and seen by more than 250,000 spectators, ‘Orgasms’ arrives in Zaragoza on Sunday, July 14, a hilarious comedy that deals with the differences between men and women and living as a couple and that will surely make us reflect and see that even though there is a war between the sexes, they always end up being the best complement for each other. In short, a true self-help manual to face the challenges of living as a couple, which are not few.

Actor and director Oscar Contreras performs a translation and adaptation of the work that was a success at its premiere in Los Angeles, New York, Hollywood, Beverly Hills and LondonLikewise, it was very well received in countries such as Mexico, Guatemala, Venezuela, Panama, Costa Rica, Peru, the Dominican Republic, Israel, Germany, India and Argentina.

‘Orgasmos’ has been a huge success in Madrid and Barcelona.

The good mood will continue with ‘The Night of Laughter’ on Thursday, July 18, A show for the whole family to have fun with the best stand-up comedians in the country on the stage of the Teatro de las Esquinas in Zaragoza, live and in person! A master of ceremonies, several comedians and a generous dose of improvisation await the audience, making them laugh and enjoy an incredible night.

And that weekend, Friday 19th and Saturday 20th Julythe programming returns to comedy with ‘Lo nuestro estaba cantado’, A light-hearted, friendly and entertaining play about the eternal theme of the relationship crisisbut with some unexpected twists and some 10/10 performances. Joel and Daniela decide to divorce after having argued about everything. Trapped in the elevator of the courts where they have gone to sign the divorce, they review their life as a couple and discover that their relationship… ‘was a given’.

Scene from the musical comedy ‘Lo nuestro estaba cantado’ (Our thing was sung) which comes to the Teatro de las Esquinas in Zaragoza.

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