A large number of entrepreneurs participated in a new training on social networks

Promoted by the Junín Government’s Entrepreneurs Club, a new course was held to provide tools to make an Instagram profile successful. The course was run by Anahí Passotti and Angelina Garro, heads of the Doble A Marketing agency, who provided information in a dynamic way, so that everyone could acquire knowledge and tools to apply in the management of the aforementioned social network.

It is worth noting that this training cycle is carried out within the framework of the “Entrepreneurial Consulting” program promoted by the Government of Junín, in order to advise and support with the provision of knowledge and tools necessary for the growth of the entrepreneurial ecosystem existing in the city.

Regarding the activity, Angelina Tomasella, coordinator of the Municipal Entrepreneurs Club, said: “We continue to generate new training for the residents of Junín, we continue to focus on this policy of constant support for entrepreneurs, it is important that they can continuously incorporate new tools to apply to their projects and that this allows them, in some way, to empower them.”

“The people in charge of “Doble A” have already provided other training sessions, they are always willing to help, and they bring in a very simple and useful way the different concepts and ways of applying all this in entrepreneurships, they specialize in social networks and marketing, all entrepreneurs need to be up to date, because it is something that changes all the time and, many times, we are kind of afraid to approach Instagram and manage it in a way that will not give results,” she specified about the professionals.

Tomasella recalled that “Anahí (Passotti) and Angelina (Garro) were providing training last year that was a success, just like this one, which had a different focus than last year, since the networks are not the same either.

Next, Angelina Garro, member of the marketing agency “Doble A”, thanked the Entrepreneurs Club for the invitation, and said: “We are very happy to participate again through the Municipality, being able to transmit all our knowledge is very satisfying, social networks arrived today to transform the way in which business owners or entrepreneurs can publicize their projects, products or what they have to offer and sell.”

Referring to Instagram, he said that “the key to having an optimized profile on this social network is that it allows us, in some way, to expand our borders. Today we no longer think about selling in our town or in our province, we don’t even say in our country, depending on the product, with a good, well-optimized social network, with the correct information placed, with the ideal content to attract people interested in what I have to sell, we can really break borders.”

“Our intention at “Doble A” is to help neighbors, as entrepreneurs, understand how social networks, when used properly, are a possible channel and a very powerful sales tool. Our intention is, through our years of experience having helped businesses with social networks for many years and today focusing mainly on creating training programs and advice for entrepreneurs, to transmit tools so that they can casually learn to use this network as a very powerful tool,” he said.

Finally, Garro said: “In this talk we organized the five key points that we have to take into account to achieve a fully optimized Instagram profile and to truly become a social network that allows us to boost reach, boost business and, most importantly, that people find and identify the ventures. We are very happy with the call and grateful for the participation of the entrepreneurs.”

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