Tomás Guasch | Now that we have reinvented football, let’s honour tiki-taka

Tomás Guasch | Now that we have reinvented football, let’s honour tiki-taka
Tomás Guasch | Now that we have reinvented football, let’s honour tiki-taka

Yes, yes: we have reinvented football. Again. It happens to us often. If we also win the Euro Cup, it will be the best.

They play like Spain! You hear it in talk shows and neighbourhood courtyards. You read it in newspapers and tabloids. They show us thousands of images… The game started as soon as they beat Croatia and the 4-1 win over Georgia definitely excited many masses. That’s how they play, how beautiful, fast, vertical, fun.

It would be perfectly legitimate and true, because we have played very well for a long time. More than any other team. It would be that, and entertaining, if it were not accompanied by the apotheosis: we are finally free from tiki-taka. This is the summary of much of what we have seen and read these days. So, with a couple.

So we get rid of Ramos, Puyol, Capdevila, Silva, Xabi&Xavi, Torres, Piqué, Busquets, Cesc, Iniesta, Pedro, Villa, Cazorla, Marcos Senna, Alba, Casillas, of course, Luis Aragonés, Del Bosque… I’ll stop, I’m running out of paper.

Seriously? We have settled some very pending scores, apparently. We have finally escaped the fatal 2008-2014 Euro-World Cup-Euro Cup. You have to have courage…

No, look. If we got rid of anything it was the post pick-upthat attempt at copying, a whim, a substitute. The curse of the windshield, from right to left, from left to right and back to the beginning. A shot on goal every ‘hundred’ minutes. That was the liberation. I think that’s an important nuance.

Football belongs to the players, especially the good ones, not to the systems. It is they, and the coaches who understand it this way, who set the tone at the collective and individual levels. tikitakeros They played great football, some of the best in history. It was another thing when we bet on the same thing or something similar with different players, less or not at all gifted to do what their elders did. And the whole thing failed. With a bang.

The World Cup in Qatar was the ultimate expression of a failed gamble, a bad choice. You cannot copy a footballer, a group, an idea. Fabian cannot be Xavi. Nor Lamine, Iniesta. A Xabi Alonso-Busquets partnership does not exist today. They are these and they were those… something else.

Let’s enjoy today, there is plenty of material, and let’s honour those footballers and those who accompanied them because they deserve it and because I don’t know if we will ever experience something similar. Spain has found a new path, with new players and a new coach. Phenomenal, congratulations and good luck.

But stop the ball, lest in a few years they come out and tell us that Nico dribbled too much and Lamine, well, but where the new idol of the enlightened future is… We will reinvent football. It will happen, do not doubt it.

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