Death and grief in the face of artificial intelligence

Death and grief in the face of artificial intelligence
Death and grief in the face of artificial intelligence

A few days ago, on a LaNación+ program, panelist, media personality Dr. Claudio Zin, presented as a revolutionary use of AI (Artificial Intelligence) the use of the voice recorded on WhatsApp of a deceased young person, to convert her into “a virtual zombie” capable of conversing “from heaven” with her living father.

The exotic procedure was carried out at the request of the grieving mourner. This led me to consult psychiatric medicine and philosophy, both of which were scandalized by the sinister use of the resource. In the first case, because of the impediment that such nonsense entails in processing “grief”: an essential psychological need that differentiates life and death. And in the second, to clarify that “metaphysics is transcendence,” not fallacious survival by technological means. Empathically, the possibility of a father “conversing” with a dead son is even understandable, but doing so, subsumed in self-deception, is bordering on the psychotic. Ergo, sickening.

If these are to be the uses to which AI is put, we are on the threshold of a scenario of total human insanity, where the cognitive chaos of “post-truth” is no longer enough, but rather a mere pathological illusion of denial of reality. Anyone who experiences such an experience believing it to be true will be prone to see the healthy boundary between fiction and reality blurred. And this is even more dangerous than human dependence on myths.

Adrian A. Klas / [email protected]

“The situation of the soup kitchens is critical”

While the Ministry of Human Capital systematically refused to deliver the withheld food, the Court ruled in favor of its prompt delivery.

It is worth mentioning that more and more Argentines are unable to consume essential products such as meat, rice, bread and milk. Due to the greatest adjustment in humanity (words of Javier Milei on Labor Day), 55% of the population fell into poverty.

The situation of community soup kitchens is critical. Many of them had to close due to the absence of the national State.

Food should be sent to all those in need. But Sandra Pettovello always remained indifferent to the matter at hand.

The million-dollar question is: if food is saved only for food emergencies and is not sent to the poorest, could this situation be classified as abandonment of persons and failure to fulfill the duties of a public servant?

Hugo Modesto Izurdiaga / [email protected]

“Between psychedelia and widespread corruption”

It seems that Grabois is not such a bad guy after all. The 350 billion pesos in housing whose whereabouts are unknown and the complaints from Sigen and the anti-corruption office do not merit a new audit. Why?

At the same time, President Milei is fighting with Lula, with Arce, with the president of Colombia and the president of Spain. It is his favorite sport. But he has very little interest in governing. He already has the laws he needed to advance the great reform of the State.

Although Justice remains the same and we Argentines do not know when there will be measures that will help growth and production.

We also don’t know when we will have a better quality of life.

We are tired of choosing between psychedelia and widespread corruption.

Esteban Tortarolo / [email protected]

“Digital detox, and the example of Holland”

The book awaits the reader. Obviously, in these digital times, waiting is too long or too extensive.

I read that in Holland they had a digital detox day. There they only practiced conversation and reading.

Try to achieve real encounters, and practice slow and imaginative reading.

The digital world, a virtual world and beyond its logical benefits, is also an escape and an addiction that must be limited.

Our grandmothers and grandfathers knew what they were talking about, and I think that much (not all) of the time past was better.

Natalio Daitch / [email protected]

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