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July 4, 2024 | por Top Management

· The System allows the integration of numerous sources of information for analysis and decision making in real time appropriate to business needs.
· The BrAInGame Management System will mark an important milestone in business evolution.

BrAInGame announces its Management and Monitoring System, a revolutionary solution with machine learning tools that will change the way companies organize their day-to-day operations by empowering themselves. It takes advantage of the technologies that Data Lake brings with it, as well as the innovative Design Thinking methodology to improve both the efficiency in operations management and the ability to make decisions in all areas of the business.

In a world where digitalization is the key to business competitiveness, having a management and control system is at the forefront of technology. BrAInGame’s system is centralized and allows for storing, processing and protecting massive volumes of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data. Its ability to integrate data such as emails, recorded calls and control of electronic media, allows for a total solution for the control of business information.

The system automates numeric or alphanumeric data into metadata, relates it, and prioritizes it based on business priorities. It uses a user-centered Design Thinking approach that favors creativity and real-time information analysis to achieve validated proofs of concept in a collaborative environment and with reports accessible on multiple devices, so that each user can follow tasks with notifications and direct feedback.

To achieve timely monitoring of projects or business results, it has advanced Project Tracking tools to monitor the progress of initiatives that ensure the success of the operation, simplifying information and task management that helps in the decision-making process. The platform has been designed to be compatible with tools such as WhatsApp and social networks, thus ensuring effective and permanent communication.

The system is accessible to all users, regardless of their level of technological knowledge. The evolution of current systems or the transition to the management system is fluid, since it includes from the beginning of its implementation a complete orientation of the platform with an analysis of the IT infrastructure, help with data transfer and full support so that its adoption is transparent and user-friendly.

We invite all companies to explore this innovative solution that will boost their businesses to the next level of efficiency and productivity in their operations, by writing to [email protected].

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