Colombia and the world news summary

Colombia and the world news summary
Colombia and the world news summary


Wednesday, July 3, 2024

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Headlines of the most important national and international news on Wednesday.

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International News

* Devastating Hurricane Beryl, a Category 5 storm, devastated coastal areas of Barbados, causing significant damage to boats moored at docks.

* Gaza: Israel orders new evacuations, forcing 250,000 people to leave Khan Yunis.

* Fighting in Sudan spreads

* GDP growth cannot solve poverty, says UN rapporteur.

* US and Panama plan will “undermine” Ortega’s business with migrants from Darien.

* The sweep continues in the Judiciary: More than 1,100 people have been fired throughout Nicaragua.

* Juan Orlando Hernández’s corrupt structure “remains in force” in Honduras.

* Maduro seeks to improve his international image just weeks before the elections.

* In US political circles there is talk of Joe Biden’s resignation and Michelle Obama’s aspirations.

*María Corina Machado and Edmundo González announce their campaign schedule: it starts on June 4 and ends on July 25 in Caracas.

* Head of elite military unit arrested for failed coup in Bolivia.

* A layer of Saharan air will cross the Atlantic this coming weekend, reaching some regions of America.

* Venezuelan Vice President Delcy Rodríguez was injured after a tree fell on her.

* Pope Francis assures that the End of the World is near.

* Alberto Fujimori would aspire to be elected for public office, despite obstacles: “I want to work again for all Peruvians.”

* At least 19 dead in clash between drug traffickers in southern Mexico.

*Dozens injured by turbulence on flight that makes emergency landing in Brazil.

National News

* The northern area of ​​La Guajira is in preparation for the passage of Hurricane Beryl.

* Probability of tropical storms and rough seas for the Archipelago of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina, especially in the Northern Keys.

* A lawsuit against the election of prosecutor Luz Adriana Camargo is admitted to the Council of State.

* Bogotá’s High Court accepted the complaint filed by former President Álvaro Uribe’s defense against the judge in his case.

* Luis Fernando Velasco, the outgoing Minister of the Interior, indicated that he has expressed to President Gustavo Petro, both publicly and privately, that the country cannot embark on the “mad cow” path of a constituent assembly, FM said.

* The referendum on fiscal autonomy for the departments has begun: forms are now ready to collect 4 million signatures.

* María Constanza García is the new Minister of Transport. This position was previously occupied by William Camargo Triana.

* “We denounce the judicial harassment against former president Andrés Pastrana”; Iván Duque came out in defense of the former president.

* The Freedom and Democracy Group, made up of former Ibero-American presidents, denounced judicial persecution against Andrés Pastrana.

* Blockades on the Pan-American Highway: truck drivers make strong demands to the government.

* The gasoline subsidy ate up the resources from the last two tax reforms, according to analysis by Anif.

* Criticism of changes in labour legislation announced by the Government via decree.

* Martha Carvajalino, new Minister of Agriculture.

* “We are moderately optimistic,” says Armando Novoa, the government’s chief negotiator with the Second Marquetalia.

* The Colombian Episcopal Conference elected its new directors: Msgr. Francisco Múnera, Archbishop of Cartagena, as president; Msgr. Gabriel Villa, Archbishop of Tunja, as vice president; and Msgr. Germán Medina, as secretary.

* Conservative Party distances itself from the appointment of the new Minister of Transport, María Constanza García.

Judicial news

* FARC dissidents inaugurate illegal vehicular bridge over the Micay River in Cauca.

* Second Marquetalia will abandon kidnapping and confrontations against the Public Force during the ceasefire, according to Armando Novoa.

* Macabre discovery: parts of a human body are found in a bag in eastern Cali.

* Military Forces captured alias ‘Pirata’, leader of the Clan del Golfo, during a military operation in Tierralta, Córdoba.

Health News

* FOMAG extended the measure so that IPS can continue to provide care to teachers without prior authorization.

*Without solutions to the EPS crisis, the level of service in the health system will worsen, says Portafolio.

* According to the survey, 72% of Colombians believe that the system has deteriorated, while for 24.5% this is their main concern.

Tourism news

*Colombia continues to advance in national air connectivity.

* During the first half of 2024, the average number of direct weekly national frequencies was 5,566, i.e. 6% more than in the same months of the previous year.

* The Caribbean and Andean regions had a variation in the average in direct weekly national frequencies, between January and June 2024, compared to the same months in 2023, of 13% and 8% respectively.

* Some of the destinations that need to work to strengthen connectivity are Paipa, Manizales, Tolú, Florencia, Puerto Asís, Bahía Solano, Popayán and Apartadó.

Technology news

* History of cyberattacks at the Olympic Games.

* Rio 2016: A distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack affected the official website and several partner organisations. In addition, “Fancy Bear” launched a phishing campaign against the World Anti-Doping Agency.

* Pyeongchang 2018: A malware attack disrupted internet access, broadcasts and other critical operations.

* Tokyo 2020: 450 million cyberattack attempts were recorded, including Emotet malware, phishing and DDoS attacks.

Sport News

* Colombia advanced to the quarterfinals as leader of Group D in the Copa América.

* In Brazil-Colombia, the VAR incorrectly drew the lines on the player who was not the scorer of the goal.

*International press sides with Colombia and explodes over ‘help’ to Brazil in Copa America.

* Against Brazil, Colombia showed character and hierarchy, according to international media.

* Santa Clara’s Levi’s Stadium gave James a standing ovation.

* Fernando Gaviria could have a new chance at the Tour de France.

* Tough stage for Egan Bernal who is now in 10th place.

* Costa Rica beat Paraguay 2-1, but it is not enough and they are out of the Copa América.

Shows and culture

* Renowned Cali actress Isabela Córdoba will make her debut on British screen with a black comedy.

* “El Desafío XX” and “MasterChef Celebrity” are back.

* Ornella paid 500 thousand pesos for being overweight on her flight to Panama.

* Chef Nicolás de Zubiría highlighted Murillo’s commitment during the challenge, recognizing his determination to present an exceptional dish.


* IACHR issued a statement on Petro’s attack on journalist María Jimena Duzán.

* Petro thought I was a pocket-sized man and now the threats won’t stop: María Jimena Duzán.


* International Plastic Bag Free Day.

Highlights of events that occurred on July 3

* On July 3, 1810, in Cali they gave the cry of Independence from Spain.

* On July 3, 1986, on the third day of his visit to Colombia, Saint John Paul II visited Cali, held ceremonies in La Caña Park and a meeting with Colombian children at the Major Seminary.

* On July 3, 1988, the regional channel Telepacífico was inaugurated.

* In Bogotá, on July 3, 1906, the politician, journalist, writer, diplomat and former president Alberto Lleras Camargo was born.

* The writer Candelario Obeso Hernández died in Bogotá on July 3, 1884.

* Antioquian athlete Jhonathan Flórez Patiño died in Switzerland on July 3, 2015.

Great Colombian

* Alonso, Esteban and Eduardo Valencia Arboleda, founders of Valher.

Colombian dish

* Dish of the muleteer from Ansermanuevo, Valle del Cauca.


* The average length of eyelashes is usually 1 cm, but the longest documented record is that of a man with almost 7 cm of eyelash length.

Phrase of the day

* “In the beginning all thoughts belong to love. Afterwards all love belongs to thoughts”: Albert Einstein.

The amount

* In two years of his mandate, President Petro has had 37 ministers and 54 vice ministers, La República reports.

Price of the day

* Milo chocolate drink 660 g. $21,990.

Price of the dollar

* $4,130.03 pesos per dollar.


This news was read by 1977 people

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