Inspection and replacement operation for light poles in poor condition

The official stressed that a considerable number of telephone poles and other services in precarious conditions have been identified, which represent a potential danger. “We have been lucky, so far, that there has not been any major material or personal damage. But since we must act preventively, we are carrying out a joint operation between the Municipal Office of Consumer Protection, Civil Defense, the Municipal Security Agency and Traffic, with the certification of the General Inspection,” said Bozzani.

Reports of poles in poor condition can be made through the Guale Activa platform, or at the Consumer Protection Office (OMIC), through its available means of contact; such as telephones and emails. “Civil Defense personnel are touring the city, checking the poles to verify their condition, and preparing a list together with the Traffic personnel who also report on the poles that are in poor condition,” explained Bozzani.

The response from residents has been positive, with around 50 posts already identified as being in poor condition shortly after the operation began. “We are receiving complaints via multiple channels, which means that the identification of the posts is a bit scattered, but we have already managed to detect a good number of them,” said the director of Civil Defense.

Regarding the response of the responsible companies, the municipal official reported that they are working together with the General Inspection Directorate so that they are notified and asked to proceed with the replacement or repair of the poles. “Some poles have already begun to be replaced, and others are in the corresponding administrative process,” he added.

The collaboration of neighbours is requested to identify the posts in poor condition. “We ask neighbours who detect posts with abnormal inclinations, broken bases, hanging from cables without a firm base or with deteriorated material to let us know. They can do so by taking a photo and uploading the complaint through the corresponding platform or by contacting us directly,” Bozzani explained.

The Municipality of Gualeguaychú continues to work to guarantee the safety of all citizens and appreciates the collaboration of the community in this important operation.

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