Luis Arce responded to Javier Milei and stated that he does not help the good neighborhood

The Bolivian president responded to Javier Milei’s comments on the “false accusation” and the “self-coup” in Bolivia. The Bolivian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that peace should not be interfered with by “fascist ideologies.”

The president of Bolivia, Luis Arcecalled Javier Miley to be a Conflictive president who does not help the “good neighborhood”after his Argentine counterpart accused the Bolivian government of having made a “false complaint” on the failed military coup of June 26.

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Javier Milei reiterated that what happened in Bolivia last Wednesday was a “self-coup” controlled by Luis Arce himself after the announcement of Milei’s communications area: “The Office of the President repudiates the false accusation of a coup d’état made by the Bolivian government on Wednesday, June 26, and confirmed as fraudulent today.”

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“The fraud in Bolivia is known and the perfect idiot, instead of accepting his mistake, criticizes me for exposing his stupidity,” said Javier Milei on his X network.

“It is not surprising (with) these statements made by Mr. Milei. He has conflicts with Spain; he has conflicts with Brazil, he has conflicts with Paraguay; he has had altercations with Chile as well (…) In reality, I think that it does not help the good neighborhood (…) that conflict that they have shown“, said Arce In an interview with AFP on Wednesday in response to Milei’s recent statements on the X network where she listed a list of attacks under the title “the perfect idiot dinosaur.”

He Bolivian Ministry of Foreign Affairs yesterday issued a harsh statement in repudiation of the statements “unfriendly and reckless” of the Argentine president.

“Peaceful coexistence and brotherhood between our peoples must never be disturbed by petty interests and fascist ideologies“, says the Bolivian statement and thanks “the thousands of voices from Argentina condemning the failed military coup in Bolivia.”

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