Driver’s license: a study showed that most Argentines prefer to renew their license online

Driver’s license: a study showed that most Argentines prefer to renew their license online
Driver’s license: a study showed that most Argentines prefer to renew their license online

The digitalization of online processes and procedures could also extend to the renewal of driving licenses

Since the work, study and almost all the procedures They became activities that can be do online Since the pandemic in 2020, some things like going to the bank or paying bills and taxes have become almost entirely virtual. In fact, even payments have changed from physical to digital format through applications and virtual wallets and the famous e-checks.

But many other things remain activities that require physical movement from one place to another in order to carry them out. Process the driver’s license renewal It is one of those things that, although it must be done every 1 or every 5 years depending on the age of the drivers, it inevitably requires the presence of the applicant in the transit delegations of the municipalities and/or districts of the country, with evaluations, both theoretical and practical.

According to a recent survey conducted by CECAITRAthe Chamber that brings together companies producing road software in the Argentine Republic, the majority of people consulted would find it appropriate that this procedure could also be done online.

The first question they were asked was whether they would “consider It is correct that the registration can be renewed 100% onlineproviding a medical certificate and a sworn statement.” The result of that first question was that the majority agreed. 65.5% considered it correct, while 29.7% did not agree with the idea. The rest did not choose any option.

The license renewal must be done every 5 years, except for senior citizens who must do it annually.

Considering the gender of those interviewed by telephone, it was observed that the idea was accepted by the 69.1% of men and 57.9% of womenHowever, the surprise came when discrimination was made by age. At this point, those who most chose this non-face-to-face method were the Adults between 50 and 64 years old, 71.8% Of these, 68.2% of young people aged 16 to 29 also opted for the online procedure. The percentage decreased, although it remained the majority in the case of adults between 30 and 49 years old, where 65.9% opted for the digital alternative. And finally, 50.2% of people over 65 years old also accepted this method for renewing their registration.

“Analyzing the age of the respondents, we see that people over 65 years old were the least in agreement with a hypothetical change in the processing of the license. This could be conditioned by the use of technology, which in most adults only occurs in an assisted manner. It is important to clarify that after the age of 70, the renewal of the license is annual, not every 5 years, which would imply them having to carry out the procedure online every year,” he explained. Facundo Jaimespokesperson for the CECAITRA Road Observatory.

The National Traffic Lawstates among the requirements to process the driver’s license: Knowing how to read and for professional drivers also how to write; a sworn statement about the suffering of conditions to which the regulations expressly refer; mandatory attendance at a theoretical-practical course on road safety education; a psychophysical medical examination (visual, auditory and psychic aptitude); a theoretical knowledge exam on education and civic ethics, driving, signaling and legislation; a theoretical practical exam on the detection of failures of the vehicle’s safety elements and the functions of the equipment and instruments; and a practical driving suitability exam” and clarifies that “the National Road Safety Agency (ANSV) will determine, approve and audit the content of the various exams.”

The renewal could be virtual, but the initial license requires a physical fitness exam that must be validated by inspectors.

Currently, there is only an online course which is mandatory to appear on the ANSV page.

“Technology is constantly adapting to traffic. We can see this in traffic light systems, radar systems, or road safety systems. Any method that saves drivers time must be considered a step forward in traffic matters. CECAITRA brings together companies that daily seek to generate road improvements with the application of new technologies as their flagship,” Jaime concluded.

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