A project to protect motorcyclists is moving forward

A project to protect motorcyclists is moving forward
A project to protect motorcyclists is moving forward

During the ordinary session held this Wednesday, the Senate of Buenos Aires approved the project of the legislator of Union for the Homeland, Sofia Vanelliwhich seeks to modify the Provincial Traffic Code with the aim of ensuring the adequacy of the existing road infrastructure and thus reduce motorcycle accidents.

“To this end, the application of standards related to the materials that make up the roadway, its layout, signage, containment barriers and any other installation that could mean a substantial improvement in the suitability of the roads for motorcycle users will be considered,” reads the initiative that was given the green light this Wednesday. Senate of Buenos Aires.

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According to the senator Vanellithe Argentine roads were planned with four or more seats in mind, leaving out the motorcyclists“The vehicle fleet is changing rapidly,” the legislator stressed.

“Our streets and roads often include spaces for pedestrians, cars, public transport, cargo transport and, more recently, even bicycles. They are segregated based on their vulnerability, speed, size and weight. Motorcycles, however, have not been considered, they are often mixed with cars.”, he warns Vanelli.

In that sense, the Senator of massismo mentioned that the current trend in road safety planning is the “Vision Zero“a concept that states that no number of victims is tolerable and that seeks to develop policies to reduce accidents and their consequences.

Senator Sofía Vanelli was present this afternoon at the session of the Buenos Aires Senate in which her project to protect motorcyclists was approved.

“The concept of safer vehicles and infrastructure is included, based on the idea that humans make mistakes and that these must be foreseen and not cause serious accidents. The fact that our country’s road infrastructure is not designed to include the motorcyclists “This is a shortcoming that causes many deaths and injuries that could have been avoided,” lamented the project’s author.

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It is worth mentioning that, according to the National Road Safety Agency, Four out of ten people who died in road accidents were riding motorcyclesand according to the World Health Organization the motorcyclists have a probability 26 times greater that motorists die in an accident.

As an example, Vanelli He stressed that the existence of banking in curved sections is dangerous for the motorcyclistsas well as the absence of analysis of the straight-curve transition in relation to the dimensions of that vehicle and the lack of criteria when choosing an appropriate signaling paint and asphalt tape that allows drivers to perform controlled maneuvers.

“In order to modify the current upward trend in the number of deaths and serious injuries among motorcycle users, it is necessary to consider all the actors in the traffic system when designing or improving road infrastructure, considering and including the needs of the most vulnerable users of public roads, among which are the motorcyclists“, he sentenced Vanelli.

It is worth remembering that, upon his arrival at last week’s meeting of the Transport, Ports and Maritime Interests Committee of the Senate of Buenos Airesthe Minister of Transport Jorge D´Onofrio praised Vanelli’s project and revealed that, according to statistics from his portfolio, accidents in moto They are the main cause of death in people under 30 years of age.

“We are handing out helmets and training municipal staff. Where there are checkpoints, it is very likely that helmets will be used more, so we have to work very hard on training. We are addressing the modification of the curriculum with Alberto Sileoni to implement the young driver’s license program that we launched. The big changes come from school,” added the Minister of Transport on that occasion.

The project to take care of motorcyclists

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