Difficult summer in health centres in Vigo and its area due to lack of staff

Difficult summer in health centres in Vigo and its area due to lack of staff
Difficult summer in health centres in Vigo and its area due to lack of staff

The health centres in the Vigo health area are facing a summer period in which they will become to accentuate staff shortages. The Ministry of Health has launched a plan to fill some of these positions with 4th year residents (MIR), that is, those who are about to obtain the title of specialist. After obtaining the green light from the Ministry, they will be incorporated to centers of area 21 MIR during these dates.

The health sector unions are not optimistic. Manuel Rodriguez, Omega points out that the shortage of doctors is “significant” both in hospital care and in primary care and that “bed closures are already taking place”. Thus, he predicts that the summer will be as complicated in terms of staff shortages as the previous two, especially in coastal areas such as Vigo and its area that increase their population during the summer period.

The president of the College of Physicians of Pontevedra, Isidro Lago, In statements to this newspaper yesterday, he gave a very positive assessment of the MIR solution proposed by the regional ministry: “It is a brilliant idea and I believe that fourth-year residents will be well received in health centres”. Thus, he believes that the scope of the labour readjustment will be “limited” thanks to measures such as this one and that this summer the situation in Primary Care will be “a little better” than in previous ones. He also welcomes the creation of the emergency speciality because “we will have a much more accurate picture of the needs of the different areas as there are many family doctors who then end up going to the emergency room”.

What is known so far, at the expense of knowing the adjustments planned by the Ministry of Health To cope with this shortage, at least three health centres in the city will close in the afternoon due to a lack of staff: the Pintor Colmeiro health centre, which will not have evening consultations between 17 July and 15 August; the Navia health centre, which has already stopped operating in the afternoons since 17 June and will remain so until October; and the Lavadores health centre, which has been in this situation since 27 March and whose plans are to resume afternoon consultations in October.

In addition, the Teis Neighborhood Association He criticized yesterday that 15 days ago that there is a lack of a nurse in pediatrics in the mornings, a situation that is added to the lack of 5 doctors in the afternoon which “causes medical appointments to be scheduled 15 days from now and emergencies to be referred to the PAC”, in addition to overloading the doctors who attend in the afternoon.

However, the details of the reorganization are not yet known. of the workload in the summer months in health centres in the Vigo area. Especially after the president of the Xunta, Alfonso Rueda, acknowledged in an appearance before the media last Monday that “some patients will have to travel to another place” due to occasional closures of these infrastructures.

The PAC of A Guarda gains a second team of personnel

The PAC of A Guarda, in the Vigo health areaachieved the implementation of the second team of medical and nursing staff, which began operating on June 25 after an initial delay in the commitment by the health area. This is what CIG union celebrateswhich recalls that this is an old aspiration dating back to 2018 through the collective “PAC on the warpath” and which was later also taken up by the platforms in defence of public health in the area, the workers of the centre and the nationalist trade union centre itself.

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