What is the new digital ‘card’ for Spaniards to watch adult films and what is it for?

What is the new digital ‘card’ for Spaniards to watch adult films and what is it for?
What is the new digital ‘card’ for Spaniards to watch adult films and what is it for?

The Government of Spain wants limit access to adult content pages. A measure that, far from being exempt from controversy, has not stopped illustrating the front pages of all the media that have echoed the news and, of course, reactions of all kinds from citizens and the political class.

Spain is one of the countries in the world that consumes the most of this type of visualisation, although we are still below others such as the United States, the United Kingdom or Japan, which lead the ranking. Something that should not be worrying if it were not for the very high percentage of children and adolescents who watch this type of filming.

A controversy that is causing a lot of concern, to the point of becoming a state policy. Thus, the Executive presented a verification system so that only adults can access adult content on the Internet. As if it were a digital card, they would have a 30-day voucher to watch this type of video.

A measure that would be contextualized within the framework of the National Strategy for the Protection of Children and Adolescents in the Digital Environmentwhich aims to block, in a much more effective way than at present, access by minors to pages with adult content.

There is still much to be defined about this digital license for adults only called Digital Wallet Beta, but if it gets the green light in Congress, its modus operandi is generating all kinds of reactions and speculation.

How the digital ‘card’ for adults will work

This ‘passport’ allows adults to access pages with sensitive content up to three times with the same credential within the same account. web. Although those interested must verify their age, the Government assures that it will be a completely anonymous procedure.

In the application, the Beta Digital Wallet, the adult will be identified with a letter ‘K’, which will be the pattern that identifies adults. To do so, the person in question must identify themselves with their electronic ID, a digital certificate or the key to the public Cl@ve system.

From that moment on, the adult will receive a QR code that they can scan from their mobile device and thus be able to access the adult content page. This ‘pass’ It will last 30 days, allowing access to any platform the video of this theme.

After the 30 days that the registration period for the adult to be able to consume videos of this content has passed, and their relevant 30 credentials, the interested party will receive another “pack “bonus” cards, always upon prior registration. If it runs out before 30 days, you can request more cards to continue spending them as you wish.

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However, as stated by the Ministry of Digital Transformation led by José Luis Escrivá, each person will be able to reuse their credential a maximum of 10 times.

Adult pages from Spain

At first, it will only be the pages web of adult content hosted in Spain which will be obliged to implement the new regulations on their platforms. However, the Beta Digital Wallet would become part of the European framework in order to control sensitive content for minors.

Some of the largest platforms of this type already have an age verification system implemented, however, it is not sufficient due to its ineffectiveness.

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According to recent reports, 90% of minors between 13 and 18 years old regularly watch adult videos, while the age to start this habit has dropped to 11 years old. In addition, 17% of 8-year-olds surveyed say they have already done so.

These are data that are seriously worrying, since they represent a distorted reality of what a healthy emotional relationship is, inciting minors to engage in practices that are sometimes physically and mentally unhealthy.

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