How to know your physical condition and how often to check it?

How to know your physical condition and how often to check it?
How to know your physical condition and how often to check it?

MEXICO CITY, July 3 (EL UNIVERSAL).- More and more people are exercising to take care of their health. Some have learned to love the activity they have chosen to keep moving and that is why they have become athletes in every sense of the word, or at least have incorporated this habit into their daily lives.

The Mayo Clinic Institute explains that it is difficult to ignore the benefits that regular exercise and physical activity offer to our health. In addition to helping us control our weight, it is important for fighting illnesses and diseases, improving our mood, increasing energy, achieving better rest and being a pleasant moment of fun and social interaction.

For those who exercise regularly and are looking to improve their level, assessing their physical condition is essential. This allows us to know if the exercise routine we are carrying out is working towards the objectives we have set ourselves or if some restructuring is necessary.

Trainer Matt Fitzgerald says it’s a good idea to do a fitness assessment every three to six months to see if what you’re doing on a daily basis is working or not. This is how people can make changes to their activity, include intermediate goals or simply maintain the work they’re doing.

There are three key exercises to know your physical condition. The first is hanging from a bar, which is used to measure grip strength, which is associated with protecting your health from respiratory and heart diseases. The University of Memphis explains that, on a pull-up bar, you must time how long you can hang, with more than 60 seconds being an advanced level for men and more than 40 seconds being an advanced level for women.

The second recommended exercise is the Farmer’s Carry, which is performed while walking while carrying kettlebells or dumbbells. According to expert Mathias Sorensen, the ideal is to be able to carry 70% of your body weight for at least a minute and a half.

Finally, the well-known Cooper Test helps measure our aerobic capacity since a mathematical formula, which takes the distance traveled (walking or running) in a period of 12 minutes, offers the maximum amount of oxygen that our body can absorb, transport and consume in that time.

In all cases, our level can be improved with some small adjustments and, to do so, it is always advisable to seek advice from a physical activity and health professional.

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