The Port opens cruises to the entire province with experiences to distribute flows and business

The Port opens cruises to the entire province with experiences to distribute flows and business
The Port opens cruises to the entire province with experiences to distribute flows and business

ALICANTE. The Port Authority of Alicantein coordination with the Costa Blanca Tourism Board, the cruise terminal manager Global Ports Holding (GPH) and the Costa Blanca Tourism and Cruises Association (ALCTC), is taking a step further in Its vocation to open up to the province and urges all municipalities to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the cruise marketwith the design of differential excursions to be proposed to tour operators who work with shipping companies to attract the arrival of visitors.

This movement took place this Wednesday during a technical conference in which representatives of up to 20 municipalities participated (Alicante, Villena, Cocentaina, Alcoy, La Nucía, Castalla, Orihuela, San Vicente, Altea, Onil, Agost, Elda, Novelda , Petrer, Elche, Benejúzar, l’Alfàs del Pi, Ibi, Biar and Xixona) in which Councillors and Tourism technicians were urged to propose attractive experiences, based on the particularities of each territorial areasince it is the most sought-after element among cruise passengers when choosing a departure once they have touched land, according to both the person in charge of Digital Marketing and New Projects of the Costa Blanca Provincial Tourism Board, Mar Lopezas the director of ALCTC, Roberto Martinezin their respective exhibitions.

It would be about a possibility within reach of any municipality in the province, including those located inlandsince, currently, the third most requested excursion is the visit to Castell de Guadalest, which is located one hour and twenty minutes from Alicante, according to López. It is the excursion booked by 6,000 cruise passengers, only surpassed by Alicante, with 16,000 reservations and Benidorm, with 9,000. And Guadalest would be followed Elche, with 5,000according to Lopez.

Hence, both the president of the Port Authority, Luis Rodriguezas the director of the Commercial division of the Port, Monica Bautistaand the director of the Costa Blanca Board of Trustees, Jose Manceboencouraged to exploit the possibility of attracting cruise passengers to the group of municipalities, from Orihuela to Dénia, whenever it was presented an offer with sufficiently assessed timesto the extent that the length of their stopover usually ranges between four and six hours on average, as López specified. And that, in addition, the waist necessary to respond to confirmation of visits at short notice, he stressed.

Decongest and vertebrate

This would ensure that The cruise tourism business could, in turn, generate business in each and every one of the towns in Alicante. both in commerce and in restoration, in addition to promote a distribution of visitor flows that would avoid the generation of possible saturation peakswhich could give rise to a germ of tourismophobia, in the event that the majority preferred to stay in the city of Alicante or in some other municipality that is already integrated into the tour operator circuits.

Along these lines, both Rodriguez, Bautista and Mancebo stressed that The province has a diversity of tourist proposals as a distinctive feature that other destinations do not have.which is why they advocated taking advantage of this opportunity to “reduce congestion and structure the economic impact generated by cruise tourism from a sustainable perspective,” according to Mancebo. Specifically, more than 40 million in 2023 and with the forecast that it could rise to 60 million in 2024.according to the estimates that ALCTC works with, as Martínez announced.

In this regard, Martínez highlighted some of the main features of the profile of the cruise passenger who calls at Alicante to point out that, After the British, the second largest nationality is American.while the Spanish would be the third, thanks to the commitment made by MSC Cruises to locate in Alicante one of its base ports for embarkation and disembarkation of its tours around the Mediterranean. Then there would be Germans, Italians, Portuguese and French.. To this, he added the data corresponding to his average expenditure, of 74.76 euros per cruise passengerwhich rise up to the 246 in the case of tourists who embark in Alicanteas it entails the associated expense of a hotel stay.

He also explained that 94% of the cruise passengers surveyed in the satisfaction evaluations prepared by the association do not consider Alicante a saturated destinationwhich would confirm the differential fact and the wealth of tourist resources of the province that allow the cruiser to choose to divide and visit towns such as Orihuela or Elche, and not only Alicante, as could happen in other destinations that would be suffering symptoms of congestion, such as Palma or Barcelona. Or even like Cartagena or Valencia, which, according to López, would also be showing some “wear and tear.”

Hence, Martinez also urged to offer experiences for tourists that allow “a dive into destiny“. “New experiences that would include presentations, showcookingsactive tourism, not just visiting a museum or a church,” he emphasized. In fact, it would be, precisely, the approach that both shipping companies and tour operators would be demanding in the contacts developed by the Alicante delegation (co-participated by the Port Authority, GPH and the tourism boards) in The main trade fairs in Miami and Hamburgas well as in the fam trips organized in Alicante.

Room for growth

López continued along the same lines after highlighting that, according to the 2023 data, 55,000 of the cruise passengers who stopped in Alicante opted for excursions: 26% with previously scheduled departures, and 74% on their own. And this last figure would be, in his opinion, the one that would be indicative of the “margin for growth” in the event that there were a renewed offer of differential excursions that the sector would be demanding.

And here practically everything would be valid, according to Mancebo. From visits to learn about artisanal products such as esparto grass or ceramics, to the manufacture of nougat or chocolate, musical events, sporting events, gastronomy, etc. For this reason, he urged “be creative and based on what is authentic; what is anchored in our identity, since that is valued with a pricewhich generates business and life for the municipalities,” he emphasized.

And Rodriguez spoke in similar terms at the end of the day, who put the emphasis on the desire for the Port to be useful to the entire province, not only with regard to the traffic of goodsbut also in its tourist potential as a gateway for visitors, which would fit into the roadmap committed to from the moment of taking office, in a strategy of “specialization towards a smart, green, innovative, interconnected and competitive port.” And who, in addition, insisted on highlight the example of public-private collaboration when working to attract more visits from shipping companieswhich “generates envy and recognition in other ports,” he said.

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