Princess Leonor, second lieutenant of the Army, leaves the Academy with “a backpack full of values ​​and knowledge”

Princess Leonor, second lieutenant of the Army, leaves the Academy with “a backpack full of values ​​and knowledge”
Princess Leonor, second lieutenant of the Army, leaves the Academy with “a backpack full of values ​​and knowledge”


Princess Leonor received this Wednesday, July 3, 2024, the rank of second lieutenant of the Army and the Grand Cross of Military Merit with white insignia from her father, His Majesty the King of Spain, Felipe VI, at an event at the General Military Academy (AGM) in Zaragoza, which she leaves today “with a large backpack full of experiences, values, knowledge, friendship and camaraderie,” according to the general director, Manuel Pérez López.

On the parade ground of the General Military Academy of Zaragoza (AGM) and at an event attended by her mother, Queen Letizia, and her sister, Infanta Sofía, the Princess of Asturias was the first to receive the order with her appointment as a cadet second lieutenant, accompanied by the number ones in this promotion of new officers of the Army and the Civil Guard.

A total of 456 gentlemen and ladies cadets have received their corresponding lieutenant’s orders, presented by the civil and military authorities, among others, the Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles; the President of the Government of Aragon, Jorge Azcón, also the President of the Cortes of Aragon, Marta Fernández, the Mayor of Zaragoza, Natalia Chueca, and the Government delegate in Aragon, Fernando Beltrán.

In his speech, the director general, Manuel Pérez López, addressed the Princess of Asturias to say: “You are taking home a great backpack” that “has made you grow as a person and have made you better understand our Army and appreciate the demands of military life.”

“That backpack is loaded with excellent companions and friends with whom you have shared very difficult moments and magnificent experiences, which has allowed you to create with them an unbreakable bond within our ‘Spirit of the General’ that, I am convinced, you will never forget.”

The General Director of the General General’s General Assembly has congratulated His Royal Highness for the second lieutenant’s star that he wears on his uniform. “With your effort, sacrifice, example for your colleagues and commanders, and commendable dedication, you have very deservedly earned” the second lieutenant’s star. “For all of us who formed the ranks of ‘La General’ it has been an honour to serve with Your Highness and contribute to your training this year.”

The General Director has assured that the AGM will miss the Princess, who has left a mark on her classmates from the 82nd promotion and on the classmates from the rest of the courses with whom she has studied, as well as on her management and teachers. The Princess will continue her studies next year at the Naval Military School in Marín (Pontevedra).


Manuel Pérez López then addressed the 456 new lieutenants of the Army and the Civil Guard, telling them that after completing an intensive training programme they are joining the Armed Forces today.

He congratulated all the new officers, and extended his congratulations to their families, “who have undoubtedly had a lot to do” with their obtaining their lieutenant’s ranks.

“This well-deserved award is an achievement that is the fruit of your continuous work over the last few years, which would not have been possible without the constant dedication of the teachers and support staff of the AGM, the Special Academies and our University Defence Centres, who have spared no effort to provide quality education.”

“After years of demanding training, you have the moral training, physical condition and intellectual capacity necessary to lead your soldiers and civil guards in fulfilling the commitment you made a few years ago with the oath you took before our glorious flag,” continued the director of the military institution.

He encouraged them to live the military profession “in an intense way” and to take advantage of every opportunity to “learn and grow as soldiers”, for which he recommended that they always have confidence in themselves to “face any challenge” with their preparation, passion and the drive of their youth.

“Always keep in mind your subordinates, the people you must lead, who will expect you to exercise command with common sense, judgment, enthusiasm, optimism and, above all, they will expect outstanding professional competence and a constant example.”

The General Director of the AGM has reminded the new lieutenants that they have been trained to maintain “a critical spirit” and has urged them to “innovate and improve the use of units” without hesitating to present to their superiors “any idea or procedure that contributes to achieving the purpose of the command in the most efficient way.”

Manuel Pérez López has warned them: “Failure will knock on your door on occasion, but only during the time it takes you to recover, learning from your mistakes to emerge stronger as soldiers and as people; learning from our mistakes makes us better.” He has been blunt: “The morale of an officer must be unbreakable.”

He also stressed the military values: “Love of country, exemplarity, honour, discipline, loyalty, courage, camaraderie”, which will make them better in their work of service to Spain. “Carry in your hearts the affection of this Academy and the ‘Spirit of the General’.”


The event, which was attended by hundreds of family members and friends of the new officers, began with the formation of the units on the parade ground, specifically the cadet staff, the unit of gaurds, the music unit, three student battalions with four first-year companies and three second-year companies, two of third-year lieutenants and two of fourth-year lieutenants.

The Spanish flag entered the grounds and, shortly afterwards, the King arrived, to whom the required honours were paid, and he reviewed the units, taking over the presidency of the event, accompanied by Queen Letizia and Infanta Sofía.

The national anthem was played and 21 salutes were fired, followed by a prayer to ask for “a world of peace, justice, progress and fraternity.”

Leonor Borbón y Ortiz was standing next to the formation of new officers, dressed in the dress uniform of a second lieutenant, and the King handed her his office and the Grand Cross of Military Merit with white insignia, receiving applause from the public, before embracing her. Next, Doña Leonor left the courtyard, handed over her weapons and stood in the Presidential area, together with the King, receiving an embrace from her mother and sister.

Among the new lieutenants were officers from the General Corps of Infantry, Cavalry, Artillery, Engineers, Signals, Ground Intendance, Polytechnic Ground Engineers and the new officers of the Benemérita. Of the 456, a total of 285 belong to the Army, 255 are men and 30 women. In addition, another 171 officers have graduated from the Civil Guard.

The Minister of Defence has emphasised the pride she feels “for the commitment of all those who receive her office today and face their future of public service and defence of our country”, and has highlighted the quality of the training at this academy whose origins date back to the end of the 19th century.

For extraordinary merits, the King has awarded the Military Merit Cross to six new officers of the Army and one of the Civil Guard. At the end of the ceremony, a photo was taken in which the King and 12 new officers were present.

The event concluded with a parade before the authorities, after which the King addressed the new officers and said: “Break ranks,” and they threw their caps in the air. Since 1882, the AGM has trained more than 30,500 officers of the Land, Civil Guard and Common Corps of the Armed Forces.

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