The PRO presented a project for the Government to restore the co-participation of Caba

“We presented a draft resolution for the Executive Branch to transfer the corresponding funds to the City. The current situation regarding the The co-participation of the City of Buenos Aires needs an urgent solution. The precautionary measure issued by the Supreme Court must be complied with to restore the funds that were unilaterally modified by the previous Kirchnerist government,” the legislator detailed on social networks, who presented the project accompanied by the signatures of 14 other PRO deputies.

Furthermore, Ritondo considered that “compliance with judicial decisions is essential to ensure the institutional stability. Neither does this decision affect the budget or the zero deficit targetwhich we shared from day one.” This Tuesday, the Chief of Staff of Buenos Aires, Néstor Grindettiexplained that the city of Buenos Aires loses $88 billion per month due to the nation’s failure to share revenue.

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Mauricio Macri: “We are on the right path, we cannot deviate”

On his social networks, the Former President and head of PRO, Mauricio Macrimarked differences with the national management: “Even before being in government, we supported the current president. We knew that he would face an explosive economic and social situation, and Without any conditions or speculation we accompany you in your initiativesespecially in the materialization of the strategic “Law of Bases”.

“To achieve these changes, there is a precondition even more important than creating new laws, and that is to comply with existing ones, in particular, comply with the irrevocable rulings issued by the Supreme Court. This is the case of the debt of co-participation that the Nation has with the City of Buenos Aires”he noted.

In addition, Macri indicated that “we all know that without institutions (and There are no institutions if the rules are not followed), there will be no justice, no progress, no growth, no well-being, no investments. The sacrifice that all Argentines are making requires an exemplary government, which complies with the law in the same way that it demands it. We are on the right path, we cannot deviate“.

Santa Fe, Cordoba and Entre Rios also claim

Last Thursday at a joint meeting, The governors of Santa Fe, Maximiliano Pullaro, of Cordoba, Martin Llaryora; and of Entre Rios, Rogelio Frigeriothey claimed for the debt that the national Government maintains with the pension funds of the three provinces. They agreed that the resolution must be “urgent”, that it is time for the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation make a decision regarding the claims presented, and that the support of the three to the Law Bases “to give governability” to the Casa Rosada does not imply giving up their claims.

llaryora pullaro frigerio

Martin Llaryora, Maximiliano Pullaro and Rogelio Frigerio.

Jorge Boasso, Secretary of Social Security of Santa Fedetailed that the debt of the Nation round the $800 billionincluding June. And so far this year, the debt amounts to $172,000. Adrian Daniele, from Cordobasaid that the administration complied with all the requirements of the CONSIDEREDand specified that the national non-compliance this year is already $162.279 million. If that sum is updated with the index of the Argentine Integrated Pension System (SIPA)as established by current legislation, the debt climbs to $431.29 billion.

The least emphatic with the government of Javier Miley It was the Entre Ríos Frigerio, who stressed the support for the Ley Bases “but that is not contradictory with the staunch defense of our interests and what is ours by right and by law.” And he added: “This is a old, historical claim of the transfer of funds from the funds to ANSES“It is an iniquity that we want to correct with consensus and dialogue. As a last resort, the situation will be brought to court, but I do not want to reach that stage.”

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