The ERE, the role of the Constitutional Court and migration break the fleeting understanding between PSOE and PP

The ERE, the role of the Constitutional Court and migration break the fleeting understanding between PSOE and PP
The ERE, the role of the Constitutional Court and migration break the fleeting understanding between PSOE and PP

After the surprise agreement to renew the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ)PSOE and PP return to the usual dynamic of cross-accusations. The reductions in the sentences of those convicted for the ERE in Andalusia, the independence of the Constitutional Court (TC), the relocation of unaccompanied minors arriving in the Canary Islands, the resignation of the director of European funds of the Ministry of Finance or the declaration this Friday of the wife of the President of the Government, Pedro Sanchezare just some of the issues on which the opposition has intensified its tone against the Executive.

The decision of the Constitutional Court to annul the conviction for embezzlement of a former senior official of the Andalusian Government opens the door to the annulment of the prison sentences of Manuel Chaves and Jose Antonio Grinán and has incited the PP, which accuses the Constitutional Court of “erasing the corruption of the PSOE” to avoid “that Sánchez has to be the one to process the pardons for his colleagues in the PSOE of Andalusia.” This is what he said Cuca Gamarra this Tuesday.

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A fallback.

Shortly before, already on account of the appeal against the amnesty law that neither Génova nor the communities have yet presented, Alberto Núñez Feijóo had already charged against the court of guarantees. “We have difficulty accepting the impartiality of our Constitutional Court”he said in an interview on Onda Cero. The war of the popular against the Constitutional Court will not end unless Cándido Conde-Pumpido and the judges Juan Carlos Campo and Laura Díez, who held political positions in the Government, resign.

Feijóo’s words generated strong rejection in the socialist ranks. Both in Ferraz and in Moncloa a message was transmitted: the leader of the PP must rectify. The government spokesperson, Pilar Alegriawas blunt at the press conference held after the Council of Ministers. “I demand that he rectify these statements that call into question such a fundamental power as the Constitutional Court. Because these statements are very worrying and extremely serious,” he said.

Similarly, regarding the ERE case, the Andalusian socialists are calling for “prudent silence” from the PP regarding the decisions of the Constitutional Court. This was expressed this Thursday by the general secretary of the PSOE in Andalusia, John Swords“It is an attitude that is closer to populism and democratic denialism because the Constitutional Court is a basic institution in our democratic architecture,” he stressed.

Similarly, the Andalusian PSOE is studying legal action against the PP and Vox for possible crimes of libel and slander, according to socialist sources. “The PP cannot do what it is doing these days, it cannot continue calling socialists in general thieves or crooks,” stressed Espadas. The ranks of the PSOE are compiling these accusations to see if they take a step towards the courts.

Unaccompanied minors

The relocation of unaccompanied migrant minors between all the autonomous communities has also strained relations between the Government and the opposition. The PP accuses Sánchez of not taking charge of his powers and transferring them to the autonomous governments while taking his discourse on migration to the extreme, accusing the Executive of being “responsible” for deaths in the Mediterranean Sea or of “putting” minors on planes and “leaving them in certain neighbourhoods, cities or places in Spanish territory”.

Sanchez on Monday affirmed his willingness to reach an agreement with the PP on the reform of the immigration lawGovernment sources point out that migration is a “state issue” to justify this position. But at the same time they point out that the Popular Party must decide which side it is on, whether with the positions of Vox or with those of “solidarity” between autonomous communities that Feijóo himself has mentioned.

Feijóo’s specific words on Monday have not gone unnoticed in the Government either. The Minister of Social Security and Migration, Elma Saiz, He accused the leader of the PP of “being three-faced” with regard to migrants and of “feeding rumours”, after which he appealed “to his co-responsibility and to speeches that do not embrace these xenophobic messages”.

Gomez will not be summoned to the Senate

If this week was marked in red on the PP calendar, it was not because of the European PP meetings in Cascais (Lisbon) –in which Feijóo participated this Wednesday– nor because of the vote on the consideration of the law on the reform of the Judiciary that they agreed with the PSOE and that will be voted on this Thursday. It is because of the summons of Begoña Gomez, Sanchez’s wife to testify as a suspect before the judge this Friday Juan Carlos Peinado.

“An unprecedented event,” Cuca Gamarra denounced on Wednesday, “unprecedented” and for which Sánchez “has not given a single explanation in this regard.” The truth is that among a part of the ranks popular It is surprising that Feijóo has already given up calling Gómez to the Senate Commission of Inquiry which they set in motion precisely to corner her for her business.

Gamarra has argued that for them the “political explanations” The request is made to those who are in the political sphere and, therefore, it is not appropriate to summon the wife of the President of the Government, but rather it should be Sánchez who goes to that commission. The PP threatened to summon Gómez until the European elections.

Meanwhile, in the ranks of the PSOE they insist that “there is no case” and that Gómez has not done anything reprehensible. Sánchez himself reiterated this point in an interview on Monday. Also up in the air is the summons to Sánchez for the Senate’s commission of inquiry, which, despite being announced by the PP, has not yet been finalised.

However, PSOE and PP maintain the intention of agreeing on a new governor and deputy governor of the Bank of Spain in the coming weeks, as well as the renovation of the domes of the CNMC and CNMVMore difficulties and further delays are expected for the renewal of RTVE.

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