This is how Petro’s shake-up is going: these are the challenges that the president set for his new ministers | News today

This is how Petro’s shake-up is going: these are the challenges that the president set for his new ministers | News today
This is how Petro’s shake-up is going: these are the challenges that the president set for his new ministers | News today

These are the challenges that Petro set for his new ministers of Justice, Agriculture and Transport.

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The third ministerial shake-up by President Gustavo Petro has generated tension in his own cabinet and uncertainty in other political sectors that are waiting for the names of the new members of the Government to understand what the relationship of the president with other powers will be like in the two years that he has left in the Casa de Nariño.

For now, the four announced changes, pending the replacement of Luis Fernando Velasco in the Interior, show that Petro has not brought political party players to his inner circle and that he has taken a chance on continuing processes that his outgoing ministers had already advanced, as is the case with Agriculture and Transportation, portfolios that will be taken over by the current vice-ministers Martha Carvajalino and María Constanza García, respectively.

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These moves also show that the president is seeking to breathe new life into his administration, but to maintain the challenges and programs that he has set for each of his ministers for the past two years, as evidenced by the challenges he has set for his three new ministers so far.

In the case of Justice, the president asked jurist Angela Maria Buitrago to take charge of maintaining the progressive line on issues such as the fight against drugs and the humanization of prisons. In addition, it should be noted that Buitrago will be in charge of pushing forward the first three bills of the justice reform, which will begin their process in Congress on July 20.

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As for Agriculture, the task is clear and Petro himself highlighted it in his recent announcement: “to promote agrarian reform and a productive field with social justice.” The person in charge of fulfilling this mission will be the current Vice Minister Martha Carvajalino, who has the support of the Historic Pact bench and is for many a faithful defender of the Government’s agenda.

Finally, the president asked the new Minister of Transport, María Constanza García, to “continue moving forward with the railways and rural roads.” This last point is closely related to President Petro’s intention to provide resources to the community action boards so that they are in charge of carrying out the works.

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As for the Ministry of the Interior, in the last few hours the Palace’s bells have been shaken more strongly, as there is talk in the corridors of rapprochement with figures of “Santism”, such as ambassadors Roy Barreras (United Kingdom) and Guillermo Rivera (Brazil), as well as former minister Juan Fernando Cristo. However, a high-ranking government official told this newspaper that these options have been explored, but that there is an obstacle, the ineligibility to be a presidential candidate, since anyone who seeks to aspire will have to resign in March 2025.

Thus, rumors are gaining strength about possible castlings to bring to office names closer to Petro, such as his Minister of Labor, Gloria Inés Ramírez; the director of National Planning, Alexander López; or the Colombia Humana liaison with the Historic Pact, Eduardo Noriega, who by the way is married to the Minister of Housing, Catalina Velasco, another of those who is rumored to leave the cabinet. It is expected that this Wednesday the president will make new announcements in this regard.

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