Suspect in the death of “Pichi Gordo,” the leader of “La Oficina,” was captured and then released

Suspect in the death of “Pichi Gordo,” the leader of “La Oficina,” was captured and then released
Suspect in the death of “Pichi Gordo,” the leader of “La Oficina,” was captured and then released

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One of the suspects of participate in the murder of Edison Rodolfo Rojas (“Pichi Gordo”), The historical leader of the criminal organization “La Oficina” and peace broker of the Government’s dialogue table with the gangs of the Aburrá Valley, was captured and later released by a judge of guarantees control.

According to judicial sources, the detainee was Keiler Álvarez Tabares (also called Matías Álvarez Tabares, after a name change)who was with his family in the municipality of Montenegro, Quindío.

This man, nicknamed “Keiler” or “the Pharaoh”, has among his criminal records having been Chief of hitmen of the gang “la Terraza”, which is why he was arrested in April 2019 for aggravated criminal conspiracy.

This time the arrest warrant was for aggravated homicide and arms trafficking. This was what the police officers who arrested him on Friday, June 28, in the parking lot of a tourist hotel in Montenegro told him.

The crime he is accused of occurred on March 7, 2024 in the Los Balsos neighborhood, in the southeast of Medellín. There A group of hitmen shot and killed “Pichi Gordo” and his companion Julian Alexander Suarez Giraldo (“the Dwarf”); former footballer John Gerver Lovert Córdoba was also injured by a stray bullet.

According to sources close to the case, “Keiler” was transferred to Medellín for the guarantee control hearing, in which The court ruled that the arrest was carried out in an irregular manner, Apparently the police had searched the hotel where he was staying without the corresponding search warrant.

Consequently, decreed the freedom of Alvarezalthough he remains linked to the process.

“Pichi Gordo” was Military chief of “the Office” and member of the leadership of “the Terrace” for a long time. He was captured in 2013 in Panama and sentenced to 16 years in prison for homicide, conspiracy to commit a crime and illegal possession of weapons.

Due to the legal benefits contemplated by the law, He only spent seven years behind bars and was released in 2020.

He The National Government appointed him as a peace manager in 2023within the framework of the socio-legal dialogue table with the spokesmen of the gangs of the Aburrá Valley, meeting in the Itagüí prison.

In fact, His death was rejected by President Gustavo Petro himselfwho tweeted at the time: “The death of Édinson Rodolfo Rojas in Medellín is an attack against the peace process that the national government was carrying out with local gangs in the Aburrá Valley.”

According to the judicial investigation, “Keiler” acted as the alleged head of hitmen at the service of Mauricio Zapata Orozco (“Chicho”)another of the leaders of “la Terraza”, who apparently seeks to control that organization, which gives clues about the motives for the murder of “Pichi Gordo”.

“La Terraza” operates as a confederation of gangswhich have influence in the communes of Manrique, Aranjuez, La Candelaria, Castilla and Doce de Octubre, in Medellín; and also criminal networks in the East and Southwest of Antioquia.

Its leadership is made up of several leaders, among which stood out “Douglas”, “Chicho”, “Yordi”, “Barny” and the late “Pichi Gordo”.

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