At least 3 dead and 3 missing after fishing boat capsizes in Portugal

At least three people have died and three are missing. after a fishing boat capsized on Wednesday in the sea off the Portuguese municipality of Great Navy (about 140 kilometers north of Lisbon).

The spokesman for the Maritime Authority, Commander Jose Sousa Luis, He told reporters that they received the first alert of the sinking of the vessel, called Virgem Dolorosa, at 4:33 a.m. local time (3:33 a.m. GMT).

According to their figures, the vessel had seventeen crew members in total, of which 15 were of Portuguese nationality and two of Indonesian nationality.

The three missing and the deceased are Portuguese, added the commander, who specified that The 17 sailors ranged in age from 30 to 65 years.

At the time of the accident, the vessel was located about one nautical mile (equivalent to 1.85 kilometers) west of the coast, between the beaches of São Pedro de Moel and Vieira.

In the first phase of the rescue they were able to rescue twelve people (among them one deceased) and, hours later, they managed to rescue two other crew members, also deceased.

The cause of the shipwreck is still unknown.

So far, a helicopter, drones, a lifeboat, several all-terrain vehicles and a diving team have participated in the operation. A Portuguese Navy ship is on its way.

The municipality of Marinha Grande is located about twenty kilometers north of Nazaré, a Portuguese town known for its big waves and which hosts international surfing tournaments every year.

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