Córdoba says that the cancellation of the garbage strike in Formentera will not have any cost for the Consell

Córdoba says that the cancellation of the garbage strike in Formentera will not have any cost for the Consell
Córdoba says that the cancellation of the garbage strike in Formentera will not have any cost for the Consell

The cancellation of the Formentera rubbish strike will have zero cost for the Island Council. This was confirmed by the president of the institution, Lorenzo Córdoba, who participated in the mediation event held on Tuesday morning at the Arbitration and Mediation Court of the Balearic Islands (TAMIB), during which the company Prezero and the workers reached an agreement that guarantees the waste collection service in Formentera.

«My job during this negotiation was basically to provide security for both the company and the workers», said the president of the Island Council, who recalled that this whole situation stems from a contract «that should have been closed in the previous legislature and that was not done well». The basic problem was «lack of trust» because, according to both the unions and the company itself, «it seems that the previous government team reached an agreement to avoid a strike before the last elections that in the end they did not comply with and nothing was written».

The agreement reached by both parties to call off the strike “does not imply that the Consell is going to pay more than what is legally due, which is compensation derived from the termination of the previous contract since he had to work for two years that were not his responsibility, which generated a series of expenses for the company.” These expenses were calculated at just over 700,000 euros “but with our calculations and with what the company has been able to demonstrate, it has come down to around 595,000 euros.” Something that the company has agreed to “because what it wanted was a document that demonstrated the commitment of the president of the Consell that the amount that the institution’s technicians had calculated was going to be paid.”

«What we have done is sign a series of agreements on behalf of the Consell to give security to the company and that the company complies with the collective agreement to pay the workers what they are entitled to on the one hand and, on the other hand, to provide all the material and vehicles and personnel needed to carry out the new garbage contract», explained Córdoba. «It seems that this had not been offered to them until now, that what was done was to close doors», acknowledged the president, who also indicated that in the last negotiation in the TAMIB, 15 days ago, the former councilor said that all the documents were already drawn up and ready and that the only thing that had to be communicated to the company was the amounts «and when I saw myself obliged to assume responsibility for this area, these documents to which I referred did not exist, so they had to be made in the last four days, including the weekend, in order to be able to present them to the company». The documents do not contain final figures, but do contain a commitment from the Council that “what the Council’s technical and legal services estimate will be paid, so nothing is being given away and the strike has been stopped at zero cost to the Council.”

“We have all given in a little, which is the way to negotiate,” said Lorenzo Córdoba, “and we have achieved what they had not achieved in Ibiza, which is that residents and visitors have not suffered any consequences of this conflict.”

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