Filmin brings you the most anticipated horror movie of 2024 before anyone else

Thanks to its innovative catalogue, Filmin has begun to transform, slowly, in one of the most successful streaming alternatives within the market; Today, this national platform has managed to captivate the Spanish public and has managed to position itself in fourth place among the most used platforms in Spain.

In recent weeks, social media users have been in an uproar after discovering that Filmin, has managed to get the rights to the most anticipated horror film of the year and has released it in its catalogue, months before its release in cinemas. Discover the most relevant details of the horror film that has revolutionized the world and that can be seen exclusively within the national streaming platform.

The last Late Night: the brand new premiere of Filmin that is already terrifying all of Spain

At the beginning of 2024, directors Colin and Cameron Cairnes released the horror film in the best theaters in the United States The last Late Night (Late Night with The Devil) which managed to catch the attention of fans of the genre and after its international trailer (as well as some leaked scenes) has managed to become the most anticipated horror film in countries where it has not yet been released; ahead of its theatrical release and seeking to capture horror fans, in recent weeks, Filmin has managed to release the film within its catalogue.

Throughout the brand new premiere of Filmin, the viewer will enter the life of Jack Delroy, a television presenter, who is in a desperate fight to make his famous program become the success it once was; to achieve their goal, Delroy and his team decide to broadcast a Halloween special, where they will witness different paranormal stories and will have as guests a psychic who claims to talk to the dead, a skeptic of the paranormal who seeks to unmask the scammers and a girl who according to the news, is possessed by a deadly demon.

As the story progresses, chaos will come to Delroy’s show, thanks to strange events that will occur within the set and the Filmin users, They will discover the truth behind the presenter’s lifewhich is linked to his success, the death of his wife and a powerful satanic sect.

The devastating worldwide success of The Last Late Night

After its premiere in the United States and with the arrival of extremely positive reviews, Filmin’s new release managed to become a worldwide success, without the need to be released in different countriesOne of the most important features behind its success is the performance of actor David Dastmalchian, who managed to perfectly characterize a late night host, in addition to generating tension and doubts throughout the story.

On the other hand, the use of practical effects has been one of the elements most praised by specialized critics, who considered the film to be a great gem within the modern B-class subgenre; in addition, its terrifying story manages to capture its viewer, with a plot full of horrors and mysteries, while managing to generate a perfect television program atmosphere. thanks to the help of foundfootage tools.

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