They are investigating whether one of the suspects left the “ground zero” at the time the boy disappeared

They are investigating whether one of the suspects left the “ground zero” at the time the boy disappeared
They are investigating whether one of the suspects left the “ground zero” at the time the boy disappeared


One of the suspects investigated for his alleged involvement in the disappearance of Loan Danilo Peña would have left the place where the child was last seen, the so-called ground zero, at a specific time – between 2:30 and 3 p.m. on June 13, when the boy’s absence was already known to all those attending the lunch that day at Grandma’s house – and he returned in the afternoon, when the search began..

This was reported to THE NATION qualified sources with access to the file. The information, which is being analyzed by investigators, arose from the activation, in the Nueve de Julio area, of an antenna that recorded the movements of the suspect’s cell phone. Later, between the afternoon and the evening, the cell phone was active in the Algarrobal area, where the search for Loan had begun in the orange grove where he had been last seen and in the house of his paternal grandmother, Catalina Peña.

The information being analyzed came from cell phone activity records at the critical moments of Loan’s disappearance.. We want to confirm, with other evidence, whether the suspect, who was one of the diners at the lunch held at Catalina Peña’s house, left the critical area at a time that coincides with Loan’s disappearance,” said the sources consulted.

José Peña, Loan’s father, in his mother Catalina’s fieldMarcelo Manera – THE NATION

The time at which the suspect, whose identity is currently being kept confidential, left the “zero zone” where retired naval captain Carlos Guido Pérez and his wife, the then municipal official of Nueve de Julio María Victoria Caillava, would have retired. The fact did not go unnoticed by the investigators.

Pérez and Caillava are being held in preventive detention, accused of being the organizers of the “recruitment for exploitation purposes” of Loan, an accusation made by the prosecutors of the Public Ministry of Corrientes Juan Carlos Castillo and Guillermo Barry before declining jurisdiction and the case being transferred to federal jurisdiction.

Since last week, the investigation has been delegated to the Federal prosecutor of Goya, Mariano De Guzmánand his colleagues Marcelo Colombo and Alejandra Mángano, from the Office of the Prosecutor for Human Trafficking and Exploitation (Protex).

The National Gendarmerie examines the car of María Victoria Caillava, one of the detaineesMarcelo Manera / Special Envoy

In order to advance the investigation, at the request of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the federal judge of Goya, Cristina Pozzer Penzo, ordered an examination of Caillava’s red Ford Ka car, the Volkswagen Voyage of Daniel “Fierrito” Ramirez and the Zanella moped from Bernardino Antonio Benitezthe couple of Laudelina PeñaLoan’s aunt who said her nephew was killed when he was hit by Perez’s white Ford Ranger pickup.

“Once the expert reports on the vehicles and the seized motorcycle were carried out [se debe] proceed with the seizure, custody and transfer to the Santa Lucía Fixed Patrol premises, dependent on Squadron 48 Corrientes, of the National Gendarmerie, in charge of second commander Gustavo Aguirre, place where the white Ford Ranger truck will also be transferred [de Pérez]with permanent custody and any necessary measures to prevent public access to them, as it is a property belonging to a federal force and close to the headquarters of the court-prosecutor’s office, in case it is necessary to arrange other proceedings,” said the judge in a resolution to which she had access. THE NATION.

Prosecutors Castillo and Barry looked for odoriferous traces of Loan’s presence in Caillava’s car and in Perez’s truck.

“It was a significant test that determined the presence of Loan’s smell in the vehicles of Pérez and Caillava. In the truck, to a lesser extent, and one hundred percent, in the Ford Ka. This is related to the time that Loan remained in each vehicle.”said prosecutor Barry at a press conference after the arrests of Pérez and his wife.

Now, with the investigation that the Gendarmerie experts began to carry out today, they are trying to determine if there are other traces of Loan.

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