Oh, that request for pardon for Griñán!

Oh, that request for pardon for Griñán!
Oh, that request for pardon for Griñán!

The speeches are heated, some too much, and even vehement. And on social media the matter is completely out of control. Many, many, voices of the PSOE They are clamouring on the street corners for the innocence of those now released from prison in the ERE. They are arguing that what they have gone through is not right, “without being able to bury their mother”, “with children in psychological therapy” and with work problems, people who have now been shown “to be decent people”, “who had not taken a penny”.

The Andalusian socialist leaders warn that they are collecting all the defamatory information against the Andalusian PSOE and its former leaders to take them to court. The complaint that the socialist spokesman Josele Aguilar The threat announced on Monday against the vice-secretary of the PP, Elías Bendodo, responds to this strategy that now it will not be immediate but will collect all the insults to, later, report them so that “the full weight of the law falls on those who point out innocent people”. A threat that also extends to all those who utter insults on social networks.

There is a contradiction in this hyper-acting that many in the PSOE are observing in astonishment. Because none of those who are now demanding justice and respect for those convicted of the ERE signed the petition for pardon for the former president. Jose Antonio Grinán which was promoted by his family “for reasons of humanity”. And that despite the fact that it collected more than four thousand signatures from the worlds of politics, sport, culture and civil society.

But none of them was an organic member of the PSOE. Neither Andalusian nor federal. What’s more, John Swords He publicly stated that he could not sign it “because the party’s code of ethics prevented him from doing so” and asked his cadres to do the same.

Only three public officials in the PSOE signed the petition for pardon for José Antonio Griñán on September 1, 2022; Joseph BorrellHigh Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy at the time; and the senators Joan Lerma and Susana DiazThe Andalusians who signed were all former high-ranking officials, starting with Felipe Gonzalez, Alfonso Guerrain addition to the former counselor Antonio Ramirez de Arellano or the former President of Parliament, Juan Pablo Duran. Many grassroots Andalusian socialists did sign it, along with prominent regional figures from other parties such as The authors include Alejandro Rojas-Marcos, Jose Nunez Castain, Antonio Maillo, Diego Valderas and Fernando Savater.

It is also true that this request for pardon was not finally approved by the Government of Pedro Sanchezalthough it is true that the process began… a year after the request was made.

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